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RUSH: Your Go-To Ecommerce Partner in PH (APAC CIO Outlook)


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Half a decade ago, when digitalization was merely a buzzword for large enterprises in the Philippines, RUSH laid its foundation around digital transformation. The firm has built a platform and helped over 100 leading brands thrive and maintain a competitive edge even during the pandemic. However, small-medium enterprises (SMEs) continue to lag in adopting the “digital” as they lack the resources to navigate a myriad of digital platforms effectively. SMEs are often subscribed to a wide array of software vendors to maintain an online presence. Therefore, RUSH has taken up the mantle and addressed this pain point by establishing an ecosystem that allows clients to equip themselves with a one-stop-shop experience for everything ecommerce.

With a mission to democratize digital transformation for SMEs in the Philippines, the company built its flagship: eStore, a comprehensive ecommerce solution. RUSH has packaged its product by implementing the ‘power of 3s’ to help clients deploy it quickly. The platform considers the three critical aspects of any business—end-users, front-liners, and owners. It provides multiple mobile-optimized channels. The front- liners can efficiently perform order management and customer registration via the RUSH Merchant App. The business owners or administrators can readily access their dashboard and ensure their operations are executed smoothly. “The eStore platform can be easily and seamlessly operationalized into a client’s business in a matter of days,” states Stephanie Kubota, CEO of RUSH.

RUSH has framed its comprehensive solution based on a unique discovery-to-delivery approach; empowering its merchants to sense, course-correct, and constantly deliver feature enhancements that assist customers or end-users at every stage of their buying journey. What sets RUSH’s eStore platform apart are the added capabilities for customer engagement and order fulfillment. Merchants can easily keep their customers updated on their latest offers through built-in broadcasting tools. Order delivery and pick-up are likewise made easier for merchants with integrated third-party logistics. True to its commitment, the ecommerce expert helps businesses to easily and successfully pivot to digitalization and accelerate growth.

Barista Recommending Item from RUSH-powered Online StoreIt is impressive to note that RUSH emphasizes providing the best customer experience to its clients. The company educates its patrons through self-help videos that lower the entry barrier to digital adoption for smaller businesses, helping merchants to uniquely operationalize the platform into their day-to- day activities. The marketing team also hosts webinars to discuss market trends and implement various global ecommerce practices to maximize potential business benefits. RUSH has newly launched quarterly business reviews for merchants, enabling them to assess their performance and explore recommendations on how to deploy eStore at scale.

"The eStore platform can be easily and seamlessly operationalized into a merchant’s business in a matter of days."

Addressing its customers’ needs and pain points has allowed RUSH to better collaborate with them and, in turn, innovate and improve its service portfolio. The following case study of a client who has 15 brands and maintains a chain of restaurants in over 100 locations nationwide perfectly showcases the company’s competencies. The client had already collaborated with RUSH to digitalize their rewards program. Over time, the client continued to rely on RUSH’s innovation and employed its newly launched features, such as the eStore. The client’s valuable feedback has contributed a lot to RUSH’s roadmap enhancements and brought the eStore platform to where it is today. The client was empowered to launch an online program to maintain their customer traffic during the lockdown. The solution was very successful where, even after the pandemic, customers preferred to conduct their shopping through the client’s online channels.

Merchant Managing their eStore via the RUSH Merchant CMS

On top of a comprehensive product suite, RUSH continues to be the choice of businesses because of the cost-effectiveness of its solutions. Kubota highlights how “RUSH remains steadfast in helping businesses by providing the best-in-class technology and impactful synergies, at a very fair price point against the market so they may focus on the true nature of their business.” RUSH believes in working with its competitors to collectively enhance ecommerce in the Philippines for businesses and consumers. The firm has immensely enriched its ecosystem by teaming up with several adjacent service providers such as GCash, PayMongo, and GrabExpress.

The company has crafted its solutions with extensive capabilities that businesses need to advance sustainably at every level of their digital transformation journey. Being an all-in-one ecommerce solution is certainly the edge RUSH banks on, and it stays a cut above the rest with its unlimited features and capabilities, offering endless growth to all businesses alike.

Visit their website to know more about RUSH, an E-Commerce and Loyalty Provider from the Philippines.

This article is originally published on APAC CIO Outlook. Read the original feature here: RUSH Your Go-To Ecommerce Partner. 


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