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Order and dine-in solutions

Take care of the whole path to purchase from Discovery to Delivery.

Sell online with your own eCommerce software such as a website, mobile app, or integrations into other RUSH-owned channels.

Upgrade your customers' dine-in experience with our restaurant menu management software. Get a QR code that lets them view your menu, place their orders, and bill out - right from their phones.

Offer multiple digital payment options - such as e-wallets, credit and debit cards, and more - with a quick scan of a QR code.


Customer retention program

Ensure that users Register, Redeem, and Repeat to become lifelong customers.

Gamify the customer experience by letting them earn points for purchases and reaching milestones, then burn points on exciting rewards.

Build stronger relationships with your loyal customers through a subscription-only or tiered benefits program.

Coming soon!

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Slice and dice data into actionable insights with customizable reports for transactions, customers, operations, and more. 



Go beyond interaction, and learn how to connect with customers through target segment campaigns.



Get real-time customer feedback with customizable forms on various collection channels.

Built-in Tools and Add-ons

Services to enhance your programs

Take it further with tools that help you make the best business decisions:

Customer loyalty program

Ensure that users Register, Redeem, and Repeat to become lifelong customers.

Run easy customer opt-in so they may start their reward-earning journey. Understand consumer behavior through robust data processing and segmentation tools to generate real-time, actionable consumer insights.

Push your desired consumer action, grow average basket size, and increase purchase frequency with uncomplicated rewards redemption methods. Customize your rewards program with exclusive perks and offers for loyal customers.

Re-engage with your customers and become a top-of-mind choice with hyper-targeted messaging across relevant customer touchpoints. Stay relevant and continuously delight your customers with smart campaigns management.


Our Track Record











Join the growing community of brands building their success stories with RUSH!

The Bistro Group
Wildflour Cafe+Bakery
Cafe France
U-Coin by Unilever
Generika Drugstore
Pioneer Adhesives

How our eCommerce platforms impact brands

Bistro Group

Great Food and Rewards for every BFF

With limited features and minimal returns from their past eCommerce and Loyalty platforms, The Bistro Group knew it was time to look for alternative solutions. RUSH's white-label solutions, RUSH eStore and Loyalty, enabled the group to offer hundreds of menu items to their customers through BistroDelivers, craft rewarding customer experiences through their BFF program, and consolidate their entire portfolio of at least 20 brands- all in a single dashboard. The group has since seen significant increase in monthly online transactions across all their stores.


Getting Million U-sers

Unilever puts meaningful customer experiences and valuable collaborations at the forefront of their future-proof business model. Through the RUSH-powered U-Coin, Unilever is able to delight customers through a single digital currency that democratizes how customers choose to be rewarded for engaging across all Unilever brands and initiatives. U-Coin's analytics also allows Unilever to drive business value through robust first-party data.

Resources that help you grow

Get access to the latest eCommerce services, RUSH announcements, promotions, product guides, feature releases, and more!

Fast Track

Fast Track by RUSH business acceleration program boosts SME Sales by 62%

Globe Stevie Awards

Globe Group Hauls 11 Accolades at The 2023 Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards

RUSH 2023 Appealie

RUSH wins 2023 Appealie Overall Software Awards (Commerce Category, Small to Mid Enterprise)

eStore 101

Learn the ins and outs of your RUSH-powered online store

Blog_8 Loyalty Program In the Philippines_Main

8 Loyalty Programs in the Philippines and What We Can Learn

Inside The Food & Beverage Industry: History, Trends, and Impact

Inside The Food & Beverage Industry: History, Trends, and Impact

Help Center
Help Center

Self-help Guides to Help You Navigate Your RUSH Platforms


Gain mastery of the RUSH eStore. Learn everything you need and sell all the way!

Our Awards and Recognitions

APPEALIE Award Finalist 2022
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Get answers to your frequently asked questions about RUSH and our eCommerce solutions.
What are your ready-made solutions?
For food & beverage businesses who want to sell online and provide delightful experiences, we have the RUSH eStore. These powerful eCommerce solutions and dine-in programs take care of the customer journey to purchase, from Discovery to Delivery.
RUSH Loyalty, our loyalty management solutions, are tools that create relevant and rewarding experiences for your users. They get to Register, Redeem, and Repeat, transforming them into life-long customers for your business.
Is there a set-up fee?
We do not charge any set-up fee to use any of our solutions.
How am I being charged for the solution?
Depending on the subscription package you have selected, you may be charged a fixed monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual subscription fee, and a transaction fee that varies per subscription package. Any applicable ancillary fees, such as those for additional SMS and Viber marketing services, may also be charged when incurred.
Who will develop and publish my mobile apps?
Once you’ve provided your design assets, we’ll take care of developing and publishing your mobile apps to the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Start growing your business today with Rush