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Fast Track by RUSH business acceleration program boosts SME Sales by 62%


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RUSH Technologies, a frontrunner in digital business solutions, reached a groundbreaking achievement for its Fast Track  Business Acceleration Program, with participating merchants experiencing a staggering 62% growth in sales. 

This milestone underlines the program’s effectiveness in boosting the capabilities and readiness of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for the digital economy and signifies RUSH’s dedication to fostering a thriving business environment. 

Fast Track by RUSH is designed to aid and educate budding entrepreneurs in their journey towards sustainable business success, covering essential areas such as branding, digital marketing, customer engagement, and financial management. It transcended traditional learning, providing a platform for real-time business advancement and networking opportunities.

From August to October 2023, over 100 representatives from 40 brands engaged in the program at The Globe University in Mandaluyong. Participants enjoyed access to RUSH’s comprehensive eCommerce solutions at a reduced cost, coupled with free educational tracks led by industry experts that focused on practical and actionable strategies.

This blend of technological support and expert-led learning, in collaboration with The Hapag Movement and other partners, has been instrumental in the digital transformation of these SMEs, steering them towards significant business growth.

Applying their learnings in their respective businesses, participating merchants saw a 62% sales growth between September and November.

“Since launching the RUSH eStore in 2021, we knew that there were a lot of tools to go digital in the market but there was also an obvious lack of guidance for SMEs to navigate through these tools. We knew that it was not enough to offer an all-in-one platform, we needed to transform our enablement to empowerment,” said Jeffrey Alejandrino, COO of RUSH.

He added: “This is why we launched Fast Track. It was designed to be a comprehensive yet intense training program aimed at accelerating the growth of SMEs by teaching them in a matter of months what would have taken years of trial and error. ”

During the program, 10 selected merchants participated in the pop-up bazaar at the Globe Tower, managing to achieve transactions equivalent to their average monthly orders in just two days. They were among 40 local brands that joined the Fast Track Bazaar held on Nov. 11 and 12, bringing delicious food finds, unique gift ideas and other handcrafted products to holiday shoppers. 

Merchants also actively shared their business challenges and learnings, cultivating a strong sense of community,  leading to an invaluable exchange of best practices, resources, and mutual encouragement.

The Fast Track program embodies the commitment of RUSH to empower entrepreneurs and small businesses by providing them with the technological tools and knowledge necessary to build enduring and prosperous ventures. It also aligns with the empowerment goal of the Hapag Movement, a Globe-led initiative against involuntary hunger, whose beneficiaries also underwent the business training. 

“We are beyond thrilled by the positive impact that RUSH’s Fast Track program has made. We are grateful for our partners, who have taken on the roles of professor to teach our merchants the best practices of their respective industries; and our merchants, who have taken on the roles of students and invested the time and effort to truly improve their craft. It really does take a village, and we are so proud of the constructive community this program has built across our beloved team, partners, and merchants," notes Jefferson Cruz, CCO of RUSH. 

With the conclusion of this edition of the Fast Track program, RUSH continues to offer its innovative all-in-one eCommerce platform and digital solutions to assist more businesses in their growth journey. Interested merchants can visit https://www.rush.ph/pricing/estore for more details and to schedule a product walkthrough.

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