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Welcoming E-Commerce: Why and How to Bring your Brand Online


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Why and how should you bring your brand online?

Filipinos love to go out, may it be going to the mall or traveling. But when the pandemic hit and restricted mobility, e-commerce finally found a way to shine through and become an essential part of life. The non-stop shopping deliveries in neighborhoods carrying anything from food, groceries, clothes, plants, or even furniture is a testament to the new normal. As reported in Google’s latest e-Conomy report, 37% of Filipinos tried new digital services during the pandemic and intend to continue this behavior even after the COVID crisis. The report, which equally gathered input from outside the metro, showed that Filipinos spend an average of 4.9 hours on the internet.


Still, not every business has harnessed the new opportunities online. Based on a Department of Trade and Industry survey concluded in February 2021, 69.8% of businesses have not yet tried e-commerce (10,779 out of 15,434 MSMEs interviewed). As of 2020, there are 957,620 businesses operating in the country–of which 99.51% are MSMEs and 0.49% are large enterprises–this means that there are only around 285,000 MSMEs that have bravely joined the e-commerce bandwagon.


It’s time to catch up, as the e-commerce adoption rate is still relatively small against the population eager to get their goodies online.



Besides embracing the speed and automation of technology, e-commerce allows businesses to reach customers farther away from their typical geographical market, acting as a new branch that can serve new customers. Website or social media management replaces the heftier cost of leasing, building, and training staff for a new brick and mortar store.


Flexibility is also a bonus as you can process orders anywhere with a strong internet connection even beyond normal store hours. Sales can come in even at 1am in the morning, if your customer pleases. E-commerce also lets businesses continue operations if their physical locations are inaccessible, closed, or relocating.


Having your own e-commerce platform is also complementary to being on third-party platforms like Lazada, Shopee, Grab, and FoodPanda. It offers customers more ways to find you online. With your own e-commerce site, your branding can also stand out and you can customize it according to your ideal customer buying experience. You can add more payment and delivery options, for example. Most importantly, you get access to your own customers’ transactional behavior so you can get an insight on how to engage them to repeat their purchase.



It’s no wonder that the government, through the DTI, is hosting a series of webinars and training sessions to increase e-commerce literacy and adoption. Likewise, the private sector is spearheading ways to make it easier to expand businesses online: from affordable web design templates to transaction-based payment gateways.


One such power-packed offer is from Globe Business’ E-Commerce bundle with a fixed broadband plan starting at Php 1899 per month. The reliable internet connection starting at 35 Mbps comes with a free 12-month subscription to Rush, an all-in-one eCommerce platform to power your business from discovery to delivery. Put up your branded website with comprehensive marketing, payments, logistics, engagement, loyalty, and marketplace functions. Setting up your next online venture is simpler, easier, with greater value for money!


This offer is also available to existing Globe Business broadband subscribers when you upgrade to Unli Fiber Biz 2499.


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