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How to Extend the Retail Customer Experience

Jun 11, 2018
Upon making a purchase, whether online or in-store, the customer’s excitement typically fades right away. While a sense of fulfilment already exists in the usual buying experience, does the customer’s enthusiasm for your business have to end the moment the transaction ends? This is an opportunity many businesses fail to capitalize on.

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Here’s how you can take your customer experience beyond check-out:

Maximize the use of social media

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Social media now plays a huge role in shaping customers’ purchasing decisions, as well as their relationship with businesses.

In terms of customer experience, always ask for feedback from your customers by engaging them in your social media posts. Address negative feedbacks and be thankful for positive ones. Remember, bad reputation spreads like wildfire on social media, and it’s the last thing you would want for your business so take social media community management seriously.

Publish your own newsletter

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Having your own newsletter is a perfect tactic to nurture a solid customer relationship. By sharing your insights, you are showing that the business is constantly working to improve for the customers. A newsletter can also communicate client benefits more thoroughly and will then demonstrate the level of your commitment to your customers. It can also be a platform for highlighting positive case studies or testimonials from your loyal customers.

Also, the fact that your customers have agreed to sign up to your newsletter means they are interested to know more about the business. You, the business owner, must fully utilize this channel to maintain intrigue and trust.

Create an app-based loyalty program