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The newest discovery channel for RUSH Merchants is here!


Introducing RUSH+, the flagship discovery execution that brings RUSH merchants to the front and center of their customers' buying journey. This newest platform serves as home to various vouchers that customers can avail of when they shop or order from your RUSH-powered web store, app, or GLife store.


Built for RUSH merchants to gain traction 

and increase transactions.



The RUSH+ User Journey

Browse Offers

User visits RUSH+ to view

the latest deals and discounts

Select Rewards

User selects desired offer,

be it free or premium

Claim Offer

User submits their information to receive the code via SMS. The promo code will also be displayed on the deal page.

Redeem from Store

User visits merchant’s online portal to use promo code upon checkout




What's in it for your brand when you join?

Your Merchant Page

Customize a page and brand as your own

Customize your URL slug rushplus.ph/ and share it anywhere online

Customize your page with your own banners and logos

Link your RUSH-powered website and your social media page for immediate voucher redemption and additional traction

Merchant Page
Merchant Page
Merchant Page
First-party Data

Get customer insights through rewards

Allow customers to enjoy exclusive discounts from your brand and collect their information for future deals and offers

Test and learn with various promotions and see the offers that entice your customers the most

First-party Data}
First-party Data}

RUSH+ discovery ecosystem:

your gateway to expanded reach


Your vouchers and special offers on RUSH+ get distributed to external promotional channels, across marketplaces, publishers, and aggregators.


A hassle-free way to join merchant campaigns!



Be among the first brands to onboard the future

top-of-mind rewards hub.

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Get your vouchers live on RUSH+

Got questions?

We got you! Get answers to commonly asked questions before you sign up!

ZERO. You can have your own merchant page with all your vouchers FOR FREE!

At least 1,000 redeemable vouchers. But of course, giving your customers more deals to choose from can make their shopping experience even more exciting and rewarding!

Offer FREE deals that end-users can redeem by providing just their mobile numbers, or offer MEMBER-EXCLUSIVES that end-users can redeem after providing their “golden profile” for future re-engagement.


You can give out any type of offer, including special discounts or personalized codes! 

Simply accomplish the registration form and send the mechanics of your offers using the template that you can download from the form. 

The assets and specifications are also included in the form. 

You can set up your promo code campaigns from your CMS. Watch this video to know how.

As one of the very first RUSH+ merchants, we'll be setting up your page and offers for you at no extra cost. Soon, you'll have your own RUSH+ CMS access so you can edit your page as you see fit.

Sign up and get your own FREE RUSH+ Branded Page