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Top 3 Facebook Data Insights from A Globe Digital Conference

May 20, 2019
Who else would know more about what the Filipino consumer want? Industry Head of Facebook Philippines Chay Mondejar-Saputil shared interesting data insights during a Globe Digital Conference.

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There are 60-70 million active Facebook users in the Philippines per month, which makes the social media platform one of the best sources to find out the buying behavior of Filipino consumers.

To tackle these insights and help business leaders, Globe Digital Ventures invited Industry Head of Facebook Philippines Chay Mondejar-Saputil in DV8: A Globe Digital Conference. The event was meant to help companies take the step into digitization by sharing trends, ideas, and solutions.

Of course, Chay Mondejar-Saputil did not disappoint, with nearly an hour of talk about how Filipinos interact with brands on Facebook.

Here’s what we learned: 

Digital mobile devices have already redefined our purchase behavior

According to marketing 101, the first step is driving awareness. Chay Mondejar-Saputil argues that your consumers are already online. The Philippines is the top country worldwide for time spent on social media – 4 hours. Instead of driving awareness, businesses should go straight to driving sales by leveraging mobile.

For example, brick and mortar stores should marry their traditional efforts with digital marketing. Apart from having a mobile-friendly website and social media pages, they should also have their own mobile app for loyal customers. A customer loyalty app allows you to personalize the customer loyalty experience to increase transactions and average spend.

Buy now is the new always on

Mobile devices have turned from a brick into a sleek gadget with the computing power of a laptop. You can get a date, find a job, book a flight, apply for a loan, pay your bills, and order food through mobile apps. Smartphones aren’t primarily used for calls anymore.

And this isn’t just because of businesses hopping into the market-to-millennials bandwagon. “It takes 2.5 seconds to absorb what you see on a desktop but only 1.7 seconds on a phone,” Chay Mondejar-Saputil reveals. Businesses need to be prepared to capture every opportunity that comes in their way. And most of these are going to come from online and mobile. You need to ensure that there is a way for customers to connect and purchase from you instantly.

Inertia is worse than making a mistake

When businesses hear the word “digital”, it’s either they don’t know where to start or assume that it involves some software that would need a millennial to understand. Arguably, digitization still involves changes to create cost and operational facility.

Digital transformation can be daunting until you have the right partner. Chay Mondejar-Saputil advised businesses to start as soon as possible. By using a trial and error method using a small focus group, you can pinpoint what works for your target audience.


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