To capture the Gen Z market, your technology must adapt

Oct 15, 2018
A new generation has entered the digital economy: Generation Z. Born between 1996-2010, they are actually the first real digital natives. By 2020, Gen Z will take up 40% of the market with the buying power of a whopping $44 billion worldwide. Here are some tips on how you can persuade this emerging market:

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Be more visible on mobile.

According to NRF, 75% of this generation use their smartphone devices to shop and research for products. In the Philippines,  62 million mobile users spend 4.2 hours on their smartphone daily.

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With the influence of mobile, it is important for business owners to increase their effort when it comes to mobile marketing strategies. Additionally, mobile visibility can help increase brand awareness especially with stiff competition in the market.

The simpler the better.

Gen Z demands a seamless experience with the products or apps they use. Survey says 62% refuse to use apps or websites that are hard to navigate and 60% said they won’t use apps that are slow to load or encounter glitches.

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Customers nowadays prefer personalized products that make them feel important and connected. Personalization increases interaction and engagement between businesses and their customers. According to Aberdeen, personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10%.

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Personalization can also help boost customer loyalty and facilitate effective communication. Ninety-six percent of marketers attest that customers think they can be served better if businesses pay attention to their needs.  


Accommodate their needs.  

Gen Z is a young market. Businesses have the opportunity to form a strong brand loyalty with an impressionable demographic. Retailers will be able to maximize their profit with the right marketing strategies.