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To achieve customer service success, your business must do these

Jul 17, 2018

Give good service and your customers will appreciate you for it. Treat them badly and they will remember it for a long time. Worse, they will get the word out and before you know it, your reputation is tainted by tenfold!

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In order to deliver excellent customer service, you must have a genuine desire to delight your customers. You must care enough for them to actually go the extra mile just to give them a cumulative customer journey they would want to go back to. Here’s some tried and tested advice for all of you:

Personalize your customer service.

Consider this: 70% of consumers say they just don’t want personalized experiences with brands they interact with—they expect it. The customer journey needs to be powered by data and business analytics at the right time. And this is task that can easily be executed on all touch points with available technologies today. Personalization, at its simplest, typically entails remembering a customer’s previous purchases or preferences, and making suggestions on what he or she might need.

One brand that does an excellent job at this is Sephora. The beauty brand’s app reminds users of their past purchases by using location technology. This way, customers are able to stock up on items they frequently buy. The app also has an AI and AR feature that lets customers try on their beauty products to reduce returns. Impressive.

Speed things up.

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These days, consumers want everything to be nimble. If they want something, they want to do it fast and as convenient as possible. This is precisely why 88% of consumers are willing to pay more for same day delivery.

The same principle applies to responding to customer queries and concerns. 41% of consumers said having to wait to be accommodated causes a great deal of frustration. You would not want to turn off your customers as it can put a dent on your revenue margins.

Maintain consistency across all channels.

Consumers conduct their business on multiple channels and they expect your business to be present in all of them. While this presents a huge opportunity in terms of visibility and reach, it also comes with a customer service risk. Your customer doesn’t differentiate between these channels and you shouldn’t either. You have to ensure that your customer service remains consistent in all of these touchpoints.

Provide options.

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In order for you to personalize your customers’ experiences, truly understanding your customers by recognizing the trends and their differences in experience, behavior, and preferences is imperative. It means a cookie-cutter approach won’t be beneficial to you, especially to your customers. Arm them with choices and flexibility in doing business with you.

Be social on social media.

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Many startups have successfully launched by having a social media element at the heart of their core business strategy. Uber and Airbnb found success this way. Since your customers are glued to various social media accounts, extending your customer service on this platform is a great way for you to be within the reach of your customers. Have a dedicated community manager to address customer concerns in a prompt manner. Any lag or delay in reply or action through social media is just as off-putting to them as any other channel.

Embrace technology.

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Experts say 95% of customer interactions will be supported by AI technology by 2025. We have entered an era where businesses are starting to move toward chatbots and automated answering platforms. Furthermore, advances in speech recognition, APIs, etc. mean businesses will interact with customers in more human-like and conversational manner in the future. This, again, promotes another avenue for customer interfacing while providing a more experiential customer service. Businesses who refuse to ride the waves will find themselves swept by the currents.

Update your loyalty program.

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Loyalty should be rewarded but it should go beyond points. It’s 2018—your customers are seeking something valuable and worthy of their money and time. Businesses must find a way to transform from the traditional loyalty scheme into a smart and custom-built loyalty program that engages customers at a personal level.

Excellent customer service creates loyal customers for life. One way to go about it is through RUSH, a customizable digital platform allows businesses to create and manage their own loyalty program. Having an access to a real-time dashboard and their clients’ buying behavior, RUSH brings leverage to businesses to improve their customer service and retention, ultimately leading to business growth.

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