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These 5 emotions inspire customer loyalty

Jul 30, 2018
Whether they are aware of it or not, much of your customer’s purchase decisions are based on emotional factors. We can even say that brand loyalty is contingent on the feelings that an individual associates a business with. Through this insight, companies can leverage on these emotions and encourage repeated transactions while providing a more satisfying experience.

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In the hotel industry, 88% of the customers who said they feel “valued” people will advocate for the brand while more than 75% said they will go back.

So what are the emotions you should strive to elicit? Here the fivee most important ones:


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Surprise happens when a business goes out of their way to address their customers’ concerns with speed, efficacy, and personalization. Zappos, a popular e-retailer, does this by maintaining a 100% response rate when responding to customer concerns.

Another great implication of surprise is that it sets your business apart from the competition. It gives customers something to look forward to. Surprise them by adding extras in orders or a simple gesture like a thank-you note. The trick is to find ways to deliver what is unexpected of youin a positive, memorable manner!