The Omega Fitness App

The Intersection of Fitness and Loyalty: The Omega Fitness App

Apr 04, 2019
While it is relatively new to the industry, Omega Fitness is quickly creating a name for himself. In its bid to become a fitness destination for enthusiasts in the Metro, Omega partnered with Rush in order to reach more people and give them a reason to keep on coming back to their active spaces.

Getting Powered by RUSH

Fitness for Everyone

Omega Fitness was founded in 2013. With its flagship branch in Fairview, they began their mission to help people achieve a fit and healthy lifestyle. Apart from gym classes and amenities, they also have a roster of certified trainers that offer physical therapy to remove body tension and muscle pains.

With the Omega Fitness app, the fitness center gained a competitive advantage and began its lifelong dream of fulfilling its mission. Gym members were motivated to stay on track of their fitness goals through a rewards program that encouraged attendance. Each member can earn points after going to a class or redeem rewards. With built-in engagement tools, they also received updates through SMS and push notifications.

Increasing Customer Satisfaction using an App

RUSH also equipped Omega Fitness with an analytics dashboard. By utilizing a loyalty platform, they can monitor the participation of their loyalty members and track the results of their program.

The Omega Fitness app is available on Google Play and App Store.

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Create your Omega Fitness profile after downloading the app.

Monitor and track your points and redemptions via the Catalogue tab.

View your history on the Transactions tab.

Download the app

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