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Relaxation and Loyalty in one: The Mont Albo Massage Hut App

Nov 27, 2018
There are hundreds of articles online that espouse the many benefits of massages. Not only is it a great way to relieve stress and unwind, but it also provides numerous benefits to the body. While they used to be expensive, the last few years have seen the rise of options that are not going to hurt your wallets. One of these is Mont Albo Massage.

Getting Powered by RUSH

Driven by the effort to make sure that they are always connected to their customers, Mont Albo has recently acquired the valuable services of Rush. Through the powerful loyalty platform and the mobile app, they have created a digital loyalty program for their clients.

Traditional Filipino Massage Reborn

Mont Albo Massage Hut began in 2007 as a  small massage clinic by Dr. Nol Montalbo, focusing on hilot, the famed traditional Filipino massage, and home therapy.  However, his journey to success didn’t come easy.

Dr. Nol sold soaps until he decided to build his own spa. Unfortunately, none of the business owners he approached wanted to share their knowledge Determined to fulfill his dream, he studied and became a licensed massage therapist in 2008. Soon after he opened Mont Albo, a Filipino-inspired spa.

Today, Mont Albo has now expanded their services to offer a rewards program. The RUSH-powered loyalty app enables the spa to reward customers with discounts and promos while keeping theirs in the loop about the latest news and updates about the establishment.

Elevating the Spa experience through Customer Relationship

In addition of having a loyalty app Mont Albo also has access to a real-time analytics dashboard. This system allows the company to capture valuable information about their clients, from demographics and location, to purchase behavior and preferred redemptions. This knowledge then becomes critical as it can be used to improve their current services, their offerings and how they market themselves both online and offline.

The Mont Albo Massage Hut app is available on Google Play and App Store.

If you want to know more about RUSH and its partners, please visit our website or our Facebook page.

Mont Albo Massage Hut App

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Download the Mont Albo Massage Hut app

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