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It's time for businesses to ditch the loyalty card

Aug 13, 2018
Walk around the mall and you’ll probably run into this common sight: fat wallets sticking out of pockets. Aside from cash, you can expect to see numerous cards inside: IDs, credit cards, and loyalty cards.

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Similarly, have you ever looked at your wallet and see tons of loyalty or membership cards you didn’t know you have? Or were you ever in a situation where you missed on redeeming rewards and collecting your points because you have to dig that one card off a pile and fail.  Nothing short of annoying.

These scenarios are not only inconvenient for the card holder, but also for the people behind them at the checkout counter. The purchase journey extends more than it should and not in a good way.

At this time and age, subjecting customers to this inconvenience is a total disservice to them. It’s as if businesses don’t want their  loyalty programs and this attempt at building loyalty might even go the other way.

The present state of loyalty is mobile and card-free

It’s a changed landscape. Customers want convenience more than anything and their demands have evolved drastically. Brands must work harder now to capture their attention. With the explosive growth of mobile applications over the last decade, mobile loyalty programs provide an opportunity for customers to reduce the size of their wallets while keeping them engaged as the same time. Put simply: they would no longer have to worry about forgetting their plastic loyalty cards or having to carry bulky wallets full of these.

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Integrating loyalty programs into a digital platform is the right path for businesses. According to mobile marketer, 69 percent of consumers said they are more likely to use the loyalty card if it is on their phone.

Once the loyalty program is digitized, it’ll speed things up and provide more convenience to customers. Also, people’s phones are attached to them most of the day which makes it easier to put everything in there. It’s organized and easy to access, not to mention increases the brand’s visibility.

At a time of the increasing popularity of cashless payments, mobile loyalty points also become another form of currency. It’s also easier to engage in real-time marketing and generate new revenue streams by product promotion, offers, and advertising.

Keeping up with technology

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Innovation is a business’ best friend. If a business is not capable of coping with newer technologies, it positions itself on the verge of dying.

Aside from all the benefits mentioned above, businesses that ditch plastic cards not only save on manufacturing costs, but also avoid irrelevant and untimely offers. In turn, consumers will take a more active role in the programs they join.

RUSH is a customizable digital platform for customer loyalty, can help business to step up the game by helping them create their very own mobile app. With RUSH, business owners can reward their loyal customers and gain access a real-time dashboard that gives a first-hand view on insights on customers’ buying behavior that can help craft strategic marketing tactics and help to increase sales. It also includes in-app notifications for sending customized marketing messages.

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