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How to Build the Best Hotel Loyalty Program

May 17, 2019
The tourism high contributes to both the growth and competition in the hotel industry. Here’s how you can use a loyalty program to thrive.

Getting Powered by RUSH

With cheap airfares and a wide variety of island destinations, tourism high is projected to keep going up. Domestic tourism shouldn’t be underestimated too - much to the chagrin of their baby boomer parents, millennials would rather save for a weekend trip than retirement.

This presents a great opportunity for hotels, especially when it comes to loyalty marketing. Customers now expect everything to be done online when planning a trip, which makes it easy to incorporate a digital loyalty program.

Creating a digital loyalty program for hotels isn’t easy. Compared to eating a meal in a restaurant or buying shoes, a lot of people can’t just book hotel accommodation on a whim every week. It depends on the occasion, season, and location.

Fortunately, with some creativity and market know-how, you can still design a digital loyalty program to encourage visits. Here’s how:

Analyze the Ease and Value of Earning