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How customer intelligence contribute to customer experience

Aug 17, 2018
Technology has changed the rules of business. With countless innovations popping out, many companies already took advantage of what technology can do to facilitate their business growth.

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A part of this innovation is customer intelligence. Big players in the business have already proven that gathering insights concerning your customers plays a huge role on improving experience, with  and according to 63% of B2B marketers believing that analytics helped increase their firms’ sales revenues by 11 to 50 percent.

If you are still unsure how customer intelligence falls in your business strategy, you might want to consider these:

Take advantage of experience. The longer your company is in the game, the more intel you can gather from your competitors and customers. Although, familiarity is not going to improve your customer service. Despite being patrons for a years, a lot of customers believe companies still need to improve service they provide.

You should be able to maximize the full potential of your resources and wealth of customer knowledge by integrating these into decisions concerning your customer service.

A classic example of this is Amazon. They made online shopping smoother and more painless than ever before by extracting the long-standing core problem retail and e-commerce and creating a impactful way of addressing that issue.

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Customers spend more when they trust you. When a company delivers great customer experience, trust will start to blossom, making customers pay more for the new and improved experience they are getting.

Also, people tend to provide their personal information to businesses that they trust compare to those that they don’t.