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Here are 5 surefire email marketing tactics to boost customer loyalty

Jul 25, 2018

Despite doubts surrounding the relevance of email marketing in today’s media landscape, email is still among the most effective digital marketing tactics out there. Compared to social media, businesses and marketers have more control over the audience they want to reach. Email marketing also makes it easy to customize and personalize content.

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When done right, this level of control is translatable to customer loyalty. Done wrong, there is a huge risk of being branded as a spammer, which nobody wants.

So what exactly makes successful email campaigns that nurture that highly coveted customer loyalty?

Send important updates and reminders

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Customers appreciate it when they are kept in the loop. With this in mind, keeping customers informed should be included in every email marketing strategy. These could be about a new product, branch, or service or even major sales that are on the way. And since email subscribers are first to know these updates, it creates a sense of exclusivity and demonstrates value to them. However, it’s important to make sure that these emails provide real value to your subscribers because, again, they hate being annoyed.

Give free gifts, discounts, and exclusive offers