Case Study

Gaining customer insights has never been sweeter: Auntie Anne's Philippines x RUSH

Jul 05, 2018

For every business endeavor to succeed, it’s not enough that your product exists. It’s fundamental to know who your customers are and all there is to know about them. These insights will help you identify the most effective way of making your product, creating customer relationships, and providing customer service.

Getting Powered by RUSH

More importantly, companies that take the time to understand their customers expect can also work on customizing the customer experience to create loyalty and repeat business.

This is what prompted Auntie Anne’s Philippines to discover innovative ways like partnering with RUSH to get to know the customers who show love to their products. With RUSH, Auntie Anne’s unlocked a fresh, new opportunity to strengthen the support the brand is already receiving from their regulars—and return the love at the same time.

Find out straight from Mikkael Paris, Chief Operating Officer of Auntie Anne’s Philippines, how RUSH is instrumental in making this possible.

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