Case Study

Fusion of Purpose and Functionality: Yoga Plus x RUSH

Oct 24, 2018
Digital transformation is essential to businesses. It enables companies to explore untapped resources that can help improve their business model which in turn, increase business growth.

Getting Powered by RUSH

One of the key technologies that businesses can’t afford to ignore is mobile. Globe alone reports 63.3 million subscribers, making it a convenient channel to engage customers. While plastic loyalty cards are the norm among establishments, it is this same reason why businesses should use mobile apps instead to stand out in the competition.

Mobile apps provide unlimited reach that ensures wide-ranging brand awareness and real-time engagement. At the same time, it provides a much more convenient alternative to carrying another plastic loyalty card.

Yoga Plus saw this as an opportunity to elevate their customer service. The yoga studio partnered with RUSH, a comprehensive loyalty platform, to build a custom branded app.

The Yoga Plus app enables customers to check class schedules, book classes, and earn rewards. In turn, Yoga Plus is able to provide feedback, encourage attendance, and continue to fulfill their mission in sharing the benefits of yoga.

The Yoga Plus and RUSH partnership enhanced the customer experience by making services and rewards easily accessible. To know more about them, watch how Ms. Dinah Salonga, Yoga Plus Managing Director explain the contribution of RUSH to their business.

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