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Engaging Generation Z: Tapping into the newest generation of consumers

Aug 23, 2018
Say hello to the new consumer powerhouse: Generation Z. By 2020, they will take over their millennial predecessors to account for 40% of all consumers. This is the generation that was born after 1995 and carries a significant shift in values and motivations in their consumption.

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Like the previous generation, Gen Z-ers are extremely tech-savvy, being born into a hyperconnected world. They grew up alongside social media’s explosion and learned to research anything first before making any decision.

Tapping into this generation’s massive purchasing power poses vast opportunities for businesses for expansion. On the other hand, they are a challenging group to attract, with multiple screens, content, and options they taking up their attention on a constant basis.

But by going deep into their psyche, engaging them will be a fruitful feat for any business. Here are a few tips on how to do it:

Embrace authenticity and inclusivity

This generation is least impressed and swayed by traditional ads and marketing campaigns.

Like the millennials before them, they crave authenticity. They should be able to relate with the business and they would rather appreciate seeing real people in campaigns than glossy celebrities.

One company that is killing it by being authentic is Abercrombie & Fitch. The company has reinvented their brand by embracing diversity across race and size in their new marketing strategy, which was very far from the models they used to feature.

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Make use of technology

This is a generation that is composed of digital native individuals who know little about analog technologies. If you want to capture this market, you can’t afford to not utilize technology

One way is to provide great connectivity so young customers can access the internet from your store. Having wifi connection, in fact, has already become a marketing device, especially for these kids who are always sharing their experiences on their social media accounts.

Design-wise, you should make sure your store is “Instagrammable,” meaning it has to be snap and share-worthy. A witty sign or quote on your wall is sometimes enough. You’re encouraging social media shares this way.

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Team up with influencers

Gen Z-ers don’t trust traditional celebrities. They, however, love influencers. So instead of paying a celebrity to endorse you brand, you’ll find more success in sponsoring influencers while also spending less. Just make sure the one (or group) you’re planning to collaborate with aligns with your brand identity as that influencer will be representative of your product in front of your audience.