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Drive and Ride with Ease: The Reserve Car Rentals App

May 04, 2018

Reserve Car Rentals provides convenience and cost-efficiency to those are in immediate need of a vehicle in Metro Manila. Hoping to provide their customers with a unique and memorable experience, they recently partnered with Rush in order to create a mobile app that can provide exciting rewards to their clients.

Getting Powered by RUSH

High Quality Service at the Lowest Rate

A member of the Taxi Group, Reserve Car Rentals provides customers the easiest experience when it comes to leasing a vehicle for temporary use. They currently operate in Metro Manila and in Luzon and have a suite of automobiles that can be used from sedans to vans. They also provide chauffeur services to their clientbase.

While relatively young, they have positioned themselves as the go-to establishment for car rentals. They are also favorites of millennials, young professionals, and expats who seek to escape from the city and go on a road trip.

Combination of information and convenience

The new Rush-powered app provide Reserve Car Rentals several key advantages that’s both beneficial to the company and to the customers. First off is that it provides an easy to use digital punchcard. Through this, clients can earn stamps and have a chance to win exciting freebies and rewards. This then increases customer engagement and retention.

At the same time, Reserve Car Rentals is given an opportunity to fully understand the habits and behavior of its customers. Through the analytics dashboard that comes with the app, they can see the profile of the renters, trends on when people reserve cars, what kind of vehicle people look for, and so much more. Through this, they can refine their strategy and increase their own sales.

The Reserve-Rewards app is available on Google Play and App Store.

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Reserve Car Rentals App

Monitor and track your bookings and reservation on the Booking tab

View and redeem your rewards in the Punchcard tab

Check out the latest Reserve-Rewards events and discounts at the Events/Promos tab

Download the Reserve Car Rentals app

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