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Barcino Delivers Personalized Customer Loyalty Experience with RUSH

May 16, 2019
Barcino partners with RUSH to deliver a personalized loyalty program to match the discerning taste of its loyal diners.

Getting Powered by RUSH

Barcino is a wine resto bar dedicated to celebrating the diversity of Spanish cuisine and paying tribute to wine culture, attracting a refined kind of diners who know more than pairing white wine with fish. To complete its distinct dining experience, Barcino partnered with RUSH to offer a personalized loyalty program for its discerning patrons.

Barcino, a two-in-gem of stellar Spanish dishes and exquisite wine

Barcino, which takes its name from the ancient moniker for the city of Barcelona, offers Spanish-inspired dishes and wines perfectly matched with the food. Known for its extensive tapas list, Jamon carving, and Gambas al ajillo, it's fine dining the Spanish way.   

Barcino had an ongoing membership program for its regular diners but soon found that it won’t be enough to offer the same personalized touch as they do for their customer’s dining experience.

The wine resto bar partnered with RUSH to shift from a manual to a digital loyalty program. Barcino was able to have their own custom-branded app, backed by a platform that allowed them to deliver a personalized customer loyalty experience.

 RUSH Platform Automates Barcino Loyalty Program

The RUSH-powered app allows customers to earn points, redeem rewards and keep track of their status in one place. Meanwhile, the RUSH loyalty platform enabled Barcino to know more about their customers, design the mechanics, and offer the right rewards.

Built-in engagement tools keep customers updated, creating an exciting loyalty program to complement their dining experience. By partnering with RUSH, Barcino was able to create a loyalty program that is both convenient for their operations and the customers they serve.

The Barcino loyalty app is available in IOS: and Android: Download the Barcino app now and get rewarded the Spanish way.


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