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5 Reasons Why Mobile Apps are Still Relevant for Business

May 16, 2018

The tremendous increase in smartphone users led to an equally monumental growth in the number of apps consumers use on their phones. While the mobile development community was quick to answer to this demand, it also led to an app saturation that made it a challenge for new players to break through.

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Still, this doesn’t take away the need for organizations to integrate mobile applications in their business strategies. After all, businesses must be where their customers are to remain in touch with their customers in our fast-becoming mobile-first world.

Here are more points business stakeholders must consider:

Apps reinforce your brand.

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Right off the bat, one great benefit businesses can get from developing their own mobile app is that it sends out a message of authoritythat the business or product is a well-established industry player. It backs up what the brand is offering.

The business also gets to cherry-pick its strengths for emphasis and conceals areas for improvement. An app will also allow the brand to push underperforming products to the spotlight.

It can also help boost mobile e-commerce traffic because 61% of people say they have a better opinion of a brand when it comes along with a good mobile experience. This also applies internally as employees can be one of your biggest brand ambassadors, and how you deliver the apps they use everyday can positively influence their own brand perceptions.

Apps expand e-business.

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The word travels fast in today’s highly-digitized world that many businesses have already moved ahead to reach international markets. How? The universality of mobile apps, their easy acquisition via the internet, and other digital efforts to reinforce your brand allowed it to happen.

Apps increase accessibility.

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Majority of people who download e-commerce or any business-related apps are busy people who don’t have much time in their hands to conduct their shopping in physical stores. With an app, a business is actually extending its reach to customers by making itself readily available in a platform its customers is using on a daily basis. Included in that is enabling their clients to keep them updated on their latest news and promotional offers.

More than convenience, this type of app will also provide transparency and added consumer protection as it allows customers to keep track of their transactions through e-receipts. That’s additional value for your customer.

Apps makes client-business communication more efficient.

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Having an app enables the business to easily connect with their customers through SMS blasts or in-app notifications about promos or the latest news about the business. Being this in-touch with customers will also help improve and address issues concerning the service by easily providing a system for feedback or complaint. It’ll be easier for businesses to improve customer engagement and their services that will help with customer retention.

Apps build customer loyalty.

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A lot of retailers choose to invest in apps to enable loyalty initiatives such as gift cards and points programs, giving consumers a solid incentive to download and engage with their brand. Best of all, apps provide richer experiences that will have customers invested in your business and coming back for more.

While having a mobile alone won’t magically solve all your business woes, the technology’s capability to bridge the business and the customer facilitates the expansion of customer experience by providing them with additional value.

Rewarding loyalty is one of the values customers look for. RUSH, a customizable digital platform allows businesses to create and manage their own loyalty program. Having an access to a real-time dashboard and their clients’ buying behavior, it can be a huge factor to increase business growth.

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