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4 Loyalty Marketing Tactics to Increase Foot Traffic to Your Business

Mar 14, 2019
Regardless of where exactly you are in the sprawling retail industry, it’s clear that the key differentiator in a consumption-based economy is customer retention.

Getting Powered by RUSH

While brick-and-mortar stores can rely on the fact that shopping malls are here to stay, the market is overcrowded with options. Global brands are now moving into the country as their market share gets eaten up by Ecommerce overseas. Then you have Mcommerce and Ecommerce luring millennial app junkies.  

Fortunately, the retail stores still have their loyalty programs to rely on. Here are 5 loyalty program strategies you can use to increase store visits and sales.

Create a Sense of Urgency

The effectiveness of a promotion lies in its ability to incite action. While you can use clever lines and witty puns bordering on jejemon jokes, every other retail business does that too. The key is the ability to provide real-time engagement, instead of having to rely on your customers to remember that your loyalty program exists.

Find a partner who can equip you with a digital loyalty app. By mobilizing your loyalty program you can effectively engage customers and create a sense of urgency by:

- Sending push notifications with date reminders

- Providing transparency over points and rewards

- SMS notification of status update and points earned   

- Customer retention needs continuous engagement

Location-based services