4 Business Rewards of a Card-Free Loyalty Program

Nov 26, 2018
Having a loyalty program is no-brainer. It costs 5 times less to retain customers than acquire new ones. Loyal customers spend up to 67% more than new customers. More than two-thirds of loyalty program members in Asia-Pacific are more likely to participate if a mobile app is available.

Getting Powered by RUSH

In the Philippines however, plastic loyalty cards are still the most common rewards program even when existing technology and consumer market urges otherwise.

Here’s why businesses should get a digital loyalty app:

Differentiate your business from competition

More than half of the loyalty market is split between Mercury Suki Card and SM Advantage. There are no established runner-ups, but there are a variety of competitors including Petron Value Card, Laking National Card, and Happy Plus Card.

No matter how fancy and personalized your customer’s loyalty is, it has to compete with a lot of other plastic cards. The rest of the untapped market provides a great opportunity that lets you keep up with the times and the buying behavior of a young population.

Ride the future of loyalty marketing