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3 Loyalty Marketing Tactics to Keep the Filipino Foodie Loyal

Mar 11, 2019
3 loyalty marketing tactics that will motivate Filipinos to go back to your restaurant every week.

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The food and restaurant industry is one of the markets that easily come to mind when thinking of starting a business. Filipinos are very open to trying different cuisines. Entering this late in the game however, is much more difficult.  

The competition in the restaurant industry has become more intense. The upper/middle class is growing, more families are dining out, and an estimate of 2,500 food establishments open each year since 2014.  

However, Filipino consumers are far more fickle. They want value for money that doesn’t compromise quality. They want a customer rewards program that fits their lifestyle.

Businesses today need something more than a promo for the day, a fixed lifetime discount, and branded merchandise. Here’s why every business needs a digital loyalty platform, and how it can secure both customer loyalty and retention.

Provide a sense of agency

Time-starved and traffic-addled Filipinos prioritize convenience. According to a Nielsen report, Filipinos have become on-the-go lunch seekers and afternoon snackers.

A comprehensive loyalty platform allows you to create an interactive tool. It’s not a plastic card or piece of cardboard that they can lose. It’s an easily accessible digital loyalty app with all the information they need in a device they can’t do without. They key here is being readily available whenever the customer needs you.

A digital loyalty app with a purpose, rather than look pretty and take up space in your wallet, is far more memorable. When pressed for choice, discerning Filipinos go with what is the most beneficial for their wallet and time.

Encourage long-term usage

“Filipinos hop from one concept to another so it’s easy to introduce but it’s not easy to maintain. It’s a very tiring thing to do. They’re open to new things but not very loyal,” says Bernadette Lee, COO of casual dining chain operator Pancake House Inc.

The solution is to treat your customers as users, not just buyers. Think about what makes social media apps addictive - they are specifically designed to prevent users from going to another website. A digital loyalty platform allows to you incorporate value-added features and create personalized engagement for brand recall.  

A customer’s interaction with your brand doesn’t have to stop when they go out of the restaurant. You can send a survey, provide delivery service, and showcase a rewards catalog using a single comprehensive loyalty platform.

Foster emotional investment