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3 Loyalty Marketing Insights from 3 Shopping Trends that are Redefining Retail

Mar 29, 2019
Here are the shopping megatrends in Philippine retail and how you can use it to boost your loyalty program.

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The Philippine retail landscape is undergoing a slow yet massive change. Online shopping has led to new markets that are tailored to the Filipino shopper – Mcommerce and social commerce.

Ecommerce accounts for 1-2% of the total retail value but it’s worth noting that it is still a nascent presence in the Philippines. According to Country Head of Google Philippines Ken Lingan in his keynote speech at a Globe Digital Conference, Ecommerce is poised to be a 10 billion dollar industry by 2025.

These changes are driven by a number of trends borne out of new buying behaviors. Businesses can leverage these new insights to improve their loyalty program.  

Going big does not guarantee retail success anymore.

Shoppers’ demand for on-the-go shopping experience is driving different trends – the rise of Mcommerce, the proliferation of delivery apps and a boom in small format stores. Even families are opting to dine out rather than cook at home.

Filipino shoppers are already spoiled for choice, what they want is a brand that can provide what they need in the most convenient way possible. Consumers simply don’t have time with their hectic lifestyle and worsening traffic.  

Digitize your loyalty program and find a platform with robust Analytics. You can track visits, transactions, participation rates and everything you need to know about your loyal customers. Loyalty gives you shoppers. Retention generates repeat customers.

Mobile is the game-changer.

It’s old news that the Philippines is one of the biggest smartphone markets in Asia. Lingan emphasized that “the smartphone is now the remote control of the physical world.”

Today you can make cashless transactions, get a loan, pay your bills, and buy groceries through mobile apps. However, most of the loyalty marketing in the Philippines still revolve around plastic loyalty cards.   

Fortunately, this makes digital loyalty marketing a good opportunity to explore. Filipino prosumers, a new breed of shoppers, want less clutter and more valuable experiences. Build your own custom-branded digital loyalty app and deliver more rewarding experiences than just swiping a card. You can add more features such as booking and reservation services to become a necessity, not just another thing in their wallet.

Connectivity is the currency of the future.

In a Globe Digital Conference, Facebook Philippines Industry Head Chay Mondejar-Saputil revealed that messaging and browsing is consistently done across urban and rural dwellers of the middle class. People use their mobile devices while watching TV, and not just in commercial breaks.

This multi-screen connectivity has spurred the growth of online shopping. According to Nielsen’s Bricks to Clicks Report, among the 8 out of 10 urban dwellers 92% are shopping online. PayPal found that 87% of Filipino merchants are selling on social media platforms and 67% are likely to use it in the future.

Build a frictionless loyalty program. Once you have a digital loyalty platform in place, ensure that you have a well designed UI/UX (user interface and user experience) interface in your mobile loyalty app. Guided discovery and seamless path to redemption encourage more usage.


It’s clear that recent trends point out a new kind of Filipino shopper. A comprehensive digital loyalty platform enables you to meet new demands for customer loyalty and retention. Become a brand partner with RUSH loyalty and Request a Demo today.


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