3 E-Commerce Strategies that Every Business Should Steal

Jan 21, 2019
Despite the ingrained mall culture in the Philippines, E-commerce continues to grow. Filipinos are expected to increase their online spending by 32% to 121 billion this year. As one of the global leaders in time spent on social media and smartphone usage, the country provides a great opportunity for digital entrepreneurs.

Getting Powered by RUSH

Digital adoption, however, continues to be a challenge for businesses While Thailand has a regulated cashless system in place and China uses mobile apps for rewards program, the Philippines is still dominated by plastic loyalty cards.

In fairness, shifting to e-commerce is not an easy feat. The good news is you can utilize certain e-commerce tactics to elevate your business without necessarily making radical changes.

Find a digital partner

The Ayala group placed a 49% stake in BF Jade E-Services Philippines, which owns and operates Zalora Philippines. Zalora co-founder and CEO Paulo Campos III pointed out that it’s not a buyout and instead “introduces fresh capital” that will “go directly to expanding Zalora’s operations."

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Okay, you don’t have that kind of money. Still, you can make meaningful partnerships to automate a business process. If you can’t build your own online store yet, you can have your own digital loyalty app. Filipinos are app junkies who are loyal to their brands. A RUSH platform can give you digital capabilities to increase customer retention, brand recall, and engagement.

Personalize user experience

E-Commerce platforms are meticulously designed to achieve the highest conversions. From a sponsored post on Instagram to the online product catalog in the website to the checkout process, everything is carefully thought out for a complete shopping experience.

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The key is personalizing all customer touchpoints online and offline. For example, sending a customer-oriented invoice using positive language, having a simple yet purposefully-designed website or using your digital loyalty app to offer exclusive deals can make a difference.

Deliver social customer care

E-commerce goes hand in hand with social media. KimStore, one of the top ten e-commerce players in the country, started as an online shop in the defunct blogging platform Multiply.

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Offer direct customer support on your social media channel or manage your page to answer queries. According to Kantas TNS research 59% of Filipino consumers trust brand messages they see on social media. It’s very important to keep your social media channels updated and maintained.

Build a loyalty program that goes beyond promos

E-commerce platforms have mastered the art of providing great deals and shopping convenience. Filipinos consumers have found a way to shop online without credit cards using cash on delivery.