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RUSH Technologies, Inc. is currently looking for a Creative Direction Consultant

Department: Growth

Understanding the Role

The Creative Direction Consultant will manage all user-facing initiatives - ensure these relay the intended messages and points in good taste, and adhere to RUSH branding guidelines and standards - all in order to attract new prospects and customers.

They will dictate the creation of all of RUSH’s marketing collaterals: social content, digital materials, merchandising, and more. They must keep abreast with the newest creative practices in order to produce fresh, creative executions that push RUSH forward. They are also responsible for the User Experience of the product, services, and information published by the company. They must provide feedback on visual and creative elements of RUSH platforms during the  conceptual and development process, with the aim of making things as user-friendly as possible. 

Given their two key responsibilities, their time will be split working between the Growth and Product teams. Since this is a leadership position, they may opt to delegate some of their duties so that they can focus on managing the department.

Basic Qualifications
Academic Background:
  • Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, Communications, Advertising, Multimedia, or any related field. 
Relevant Work Experience: 
  • Minimum of 7 years working in Multimedia, Marketing, or Branding.
  • Knowledge of design thinking, digital marketing SEO is valuable.
  • An equivalent of the same in working experience is also acceptable for the position.
Multimedia Production Skills:
  • Must be a master of multimedia software (ex. Adobe CC).
Quantitative Analysis Skills:
  • Working knowledge of web analytics, can match data and figures to creative executions.
Interpersonal Skills:
  • Should have strong attention to detail, a proactive nature, a positive and can-do attitude, be results-driven, have exceptional problem-solving skills, and can work in a group setting.
  • Must also work comfortably with business executives and leadership.
Duties & Responsibilities
User Experience Management:
  • Supervise the conceptual and design stages of marketing and product initiatives. Ensure that all aspects of user-facing channels create positive user stories for their target audiences.
  • Meet with key leaders and stakeholders to establish business goals, understand end users’ state and needs, and collaborate with other departments, especially the Marketing and Product Development groups, to launch ideal experiences
  • Audit front-end developers as UIX design is implemented; rework and refine usability through product development.
  • Support the Product team's efforts by quickly prototyping concepts.
  • Identify opportunities through market research and information-gathering. Stay up-to-date on consumer trends, market pricing, competitors and previous consumer feedback and experiences to know what features on RUSH platforms must be applied or revisited.
  • Report updates, development and achievements to members of the executive team.
Creative Execution Management:
Creative Development:
  • Must develop creative and engaging executions (ex. static artworks, short-form videos, etc.), together with the Brand and Product Marketing teammates.
  • Overall creative direction for core products (eStore, Loyalty, and Plus) covering thematic and tactical campaigns.
  • Staying abreast of the latest creative trends and best practice in graphic design, photography, video production, motion graphics, sound design, branding, digital marketing, etc. for SaaS industry-centric designs.
  • Lead and govern the creative output - crafting ideas and refining executions, while guiding and mentoring the creative talent, and overseeing the admin requirements of their team.
  • Leading and developing integrated campaigns and activations (heavy on digital and social) as the creative spokesperson to their team’s brands and assignments
Project Management:
  • They are tasked to develop terms of reference for external multimedia contractors to ensure that materials are aligned with the RUSH branding. Meet and liaise with vendors to discuss briefs, requirements, and project progress.
  • The Creative Manager will also be responsible in evaluating projects using relevant KPIs and feedback from existing and prospective customers.
    • Collaborating with Growth, Brand / Product Marketing, and Strategy teammates in supporting creative requests, while managing the work traffic and delivery efficiently, and effectively achieving the campaign objectives
    • Translate creative briefs and consumer insights into creative strategies, concepts, and executions
    • Help shape their brand’s identity and messaging across all platforms

Brand Development, Maintenance:

  • Alongside the Brand Manager and Creative Manager, ensure that RUSH branding (for both its B2B and B2C solutions) is followed in all forms of marketing communications and executions, both internal and external.