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9 Reasons Why Seamless eCommerce Service is Key to Customer Loyalty


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Not everyone who goes to your eCommerce site presses checkout. Some just browse through your shop, add items to their cart, and then abandon it. 

A recent survey revealed that out of 4,000 adults, 69.99% didn’t push through with their online order checkout. That’s close to 3,000 lost customers who have abandoned their carts for several reasons, and not all customers are too forgiving to give you a second chance.

Every little struggle a customer encounters when they shop online accumulates and becomes the reason why you’re missing out on potential sales opportunities. Remember that one bad customer experience can snowball into a serious brand and commercial issue.

Online shopping is more convenient for consumers, especially when they finish every transaction seamlessly. This also ensures customer loyalty and gives them reasons to come back.

Here are nine examples that show how seamless eCommerce service is key to customer loyalty.

Easy checkout for faster transactions

Not everyone has the time in the world to fill out many forms or go through several verifications. According to Baymard Institute research, 24% of those who canceled their online order were turned off because they were required to create an account. Also, 17% of consumers complained about the long and complicated process of checking out.

Providing customers the liberty to choose from various payment methods, such as credit/debit card payments, e-wallets, prepaid card payments, bank transfers, and even cryptocurrencies, will allow you to cater to broader consumers who prefer these different payment methods.

Prime shipping

Shipping conditions influence your customers’ decision to complete their orders online. Costly shipping fees drive 48% of consumers out of their shopping cart, while 63% complained of slow delivery. 

Meanwhile, a 90% increase in orders was noted among companies that offered free delivery. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to provide delivery at no cost at all times. 

To know what approach to take, make sure that you study your customers’ delivery preferences, become reactive to their key decision-making indicators, plan out deals at the most strategic timeline, and launch these online promos massively to drive your sales.

Better security measures

With a reported 18% increase in eCommerce fraud in recent years, you can’t blame customers for bailing out of their checking-out process when they sense something unusual. In fact, 40% of shoppers avoid brands and companies with a history of security breach.

So where do these customers go? They head to other brands and companies they trust. They go to companies that effectively build customer loyalty through their top-notch security measures.


Compatible with your analytics

Customer data and market analysis should serve as bases for improving your eCommerce strategies. Utilize your analytics to identify your customers’ buying behavior and address their concerns. It’s a broad range of components, but strategically targeting each will significantly improve your eCommerce services.

On track with trends and emerging technologies

Aside from e-wallets, operating with the newest Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) method in platforms can urge your customers to order online, granting them delayed or staggered payment terms. Once you’ve established this advantage to your customers, you’re sure to build strong eCommerce loyalty.

An up-to-date and optimized website

The present and future of eCommerce services are mobile. Truelist predicts that by 2023, mobile user consumers will be at 7.33 billion, so you need to keep your website up-to-date and optimized for mobile users.

Make your customers’ mobile shopping experience seamless with easy-to-navigate sites that flaunt your products and lead them to checkout with ease.

Improved policies

Complaints about unsatisfactory return policies and declined credit cards lead to 12% of unchecked-out orders. You can avoid it with improved internal procedures and third-party relations.

Responsive to inquiries

Super Office reports that 46% of customers expect an answer to their questions within four hours from when they got in touch with a brand’s customer service. But it makes a tremendous difference to know that 90% of Americans consider customer service quality when deciding whether to do business with a company.

Upfront fees

Ensuring a seamless eCommerce experience also means being upfront with costs and fees to your customers, as 16% of them reported that not being able to see or compute their total cost led them to abandon their checkout process.

So be transparent, and don’t wait until they’re on the last part of their checkout process until you reveal their entire chuck of payables.

Check This Out

When operating your eCommerce business, complement your lead generation with customer loyalty to get new customers while establishing great eCommerce loyalty among your existing ones.

Your eCommerce business relies on an effective checkout process, and every time a customer abandons their cart for whatever reason, it translates to a lost sale.

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