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Omnichannel Loyalty Programs: Examples and Key Strategies


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Innovations in scientific processes have allowed modern technology to evolve and develop into what it is today. Hence, many different forms of automation have been integrated into daily use. Businesses are front and center with these changes, continuously looking for new ways to utilize automation. 

Compared to traditional strategies, digital tools and platforms simplify your operations to the next level. They help engage with your customers more easily and create new opportunities to expand your reach and meet the growing demands of your eCommerce services. You can thank strategies like the omnichannel approach in loyalty programs for these business advantages.

The omnichannel approach is a strategy that companies across industries should always implement. It affects key functions of your business, ranging from user mobile experience down to your brick-and-mortar shop. 

If you want to learn more about how you can boost your customer loyalty program with an omnichannel approach, this article will establish what you’ll need to succeed.

What is Omnichannel Loyalty?

what is omnichannel loyalty

Omnichannel loyalty is a type of customer loyalty program that rewards your patrons for any purchase they make. Compared to traditional loyalty programs, omnichannel loyalty programs give points regardless of whether customers buy from a physical store or online. 

The omnichannel approach lets customers earn points more conveniently while enhancing the overall shopping experience. It makes your brand more enjoyable and helps maintain customer retention beyond other strategies like email marketing.

Strategies for Successful Omnichannel Loyalty

You can apply many strategies to build a successful omnichannel loyalty program. However, what makes a good loyalty program stand out is the outstanding results you acquire when all these methods come together to act in unison. Here are some practices you can include when building your omnichannel blueprint. 

  1. Personalize customer experience with data

    Many loyalty programs can be integrated with omnichannel solutions to ease data collection, both offline and online. With the information gathered, you can analyze trends, customer behaviors, and preferences more conveniently. This strategy can help you determine your next move and give your audience what they want most.

    The RUSH Loyalty Program Builder makes sure your loyalty program remains relevant. With robust data segmentation, processing tools, and smart campaign management, you can create data-driven strategies that provide customers with valuable and personalized experiences.

  2. Utilize the same message across multiple channels

    The best way to maintain engagement is to keep your brand consistent across all channels. This practice will help pass on more meaningful messages to your audience and create a bigger impact on the buyer’s journey.

  3. Reward the most engaging customers

    With omnichannel loyalty, you can reward your customers beyond their purchases. Incentivize them whenever they promote your brand on social media, write a review, or refer a friend. This strategy not only gives your business more traffic but is also a good way to create a stronger and more sustainable bond with your customers.

  4. Offer flexibility

    The omnichannel approach helps customers interact with your brand without visiting your physical store. You can give them the option of either picking up their own products and rewards in-store or having them delivered to their homes.

  5. Provide quality touchpoints for your customers

    Unlike traditional loyalty programs, omnichannel loyalty lets your customers earn rewards through multiple touchpoints, from your website, physical store, mobile app, and social media. This helps encourage more engagement with your brand as they shop through the platforms they’re most comfortable with.

Omnichannel Loyalty Program Examples

Each company utilizes different types of loyalty programs to best suit its goals and satisfy its customers. If you are looking for effective ways to keep your customers engaged, here are some examples of omnichannel strategies you can use. 

  1. Beyond+ by Bed Bath and Beyond

    omnichannel loyalty program, Beyond+
    The Beyond+ loyalty program is based on an annual renewal membership. For a set price, you can lure customers in with extra benefits and discounts such as free shipping and exclusive access to offers and events. Members can sign in and have deals automatically registered at checkout on dedicated apps and platforms.

  2. Ultimate Rewards by Ulta

    omnichannel loyalty program, ulta
    Ulta uses a loyalty tier system to motivate its customers to engage with the brand consistently. You can give points based on factors like annual spending amount, purchasing frequency, and the number of referrals. The higher tier level your customers are, the more perks and bonuses they can gain.

  3. XPLR Pass by The North Face

    omnichannel loyalty program, the north face
    The North Face’s XPLR Pass, formerly known as VIPeak, rewards members for every dollar spent regardless of the platform from which they completed their transaction. They can also gain points by referring friends, bringing a reusable bag when shopping, and using the brand’s mobile app when checking in at national parks/monuments. 

    There is No One Solution to Success 

    Technology is becoming a big part of modern businesses as different industries look for new approaches to boost engagement. Now that the world relies more on digital solutions, the omnichannel strategy has become a powerful tool in helping companies grow. 

    If you're looking for an easy-to-use loyalty program builder that can turn casual customers into your brand advocates, consider RUSH’s Loyalty solution. With this, you can gain the right tools to meet your customers at every stage of their reward-earning journey. For more information on how you can get started, book a demo with our team today. 

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