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Food Packaging Mastery: How to Make Your Products Stand Out


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Thanks to the passion of entrepreneurs, the food and beverage (F&B) industry has turned into a rich, innovative, and highly diverse space. Brands operating in this sector are highly creative and can constantly provide new customer experiences. But just like any other business, F&B brands must overcome various challenges to keep their operations going.  

Food and beverage companies face many difficulties in building and maintaining their brand. These include managing customer relationships and introducing new products to satisfy customers and keep them returning for more. But even if you have the best dishes in the market, your customers won’t engage with you if you don’t know how to present your brand.

Now that the eCommerce industry is rising, many F&B brands are looking to shift online. If you’re planning to start an online food business, you should know that food packaging will become a vital component of your operations.  

The Importance of Great Food Packaging

The average volume of goods in your local grocery store can give you a good idea of how competitive the F&B industry can be. While most consumers overlook the significance of food packaging, business owners should know that product packaging can help them stand out from their competitors.

Consumers only need a few seconds to determine if a product is worth buying. Since first impressions matter, your packaging should convince them that your products are of great quality and that your brand is worth trusting.  

Food Packaging Design Tips for Your Next Big Product

Proper food packaging may be challenging, but it’s not impossible. While it’s important to stand out from your competitors, you must also consider other factors that can help preserve and protect your products. Here are a few packaging design tips that you can use!

  1. Practice simplicity

    Being unique and expressive is important but putting too many elements in your design can confuse and overwhelm your customers. Keep your packaging design simple and straight to the point. It’ll help your audience get a clear idea of what you’re trying to sell from a glance.
  2. Stay consistent with your brand identity

    Keep your packaging design in line with your brand identity.  Always remember that your packaging is an extension of your brand so it should be able to represent you and what you stand for. For example, if you produce high-quality chocolates and want to convey an elegant image to your customers, you can use ornate boxes, satin ribbons, and the like. These elements can provide an air of luxury which can help you target consumers who want to buy premium goods.
  3. Consider how your products will look on the shelf

    While selling products online, it’s important to consider how they’ll look on the shelf. If you decide to go omnichannel and sell products in a physical shop, your food packaging design should have a certain shelf appeal.

    Setting aesthetic elements aside, you can include a clear message of your product’s benefits, ingredients, and features. It should be presented in a way that’s easy to understand since you only have a short moment to attract your customers.
  4. Put extra emphasis on sustainability

    As global warming continues to worsen, current eCommerce trends show that more consumers have become more conscious about their purchasing habits.

    While it’s not required, including more sustainable materials in your food packaging can greatly benefit your brand’s image. Some customers may praise you for your sustainability efforts making them more likely to purchase from you and recommend your products to others.

    If you choose to go for sustainable packaging, you should highlight your efforts accordingly. Emphasizing it in the package itself or sharing your endeavors through your chosen communication channels can help you stand out in no time!
  5. Provide more value with your packaging

    Many food brands maximize their packaging by introducing new and creative ways to use their materials. A popular example would be how cereal brands such as Koko Krunch use the back portion of the cereal box as an activity for kids. On the other hand, local coffee brands such as Blue Notes make the most out of their packaging by adding useful insights into their products. In addition to discussing where their beans are sourced, they’re able to showcase their brand’s value by adding brewing methods and recommendations in their packaging!
  6. Consider creating alternative and more versatile designs

    In most cases, your food products are placed in standard-sized containers that offer more than a single serving. But, you can also reproduce your design and alter it to provide single serving or even bigger packaging options.
  7.  Make limited edition items exclusive

    Limited edition items are common in food shops and local supermarkets on holidays like Christmas. Consumers often love the idea of trying limited edition and seasonal products. It not only gives you a chance to rev up your food packaging designs but also acts as a way for your customers to look forward to your items.

Better Packaging, Better Sales  

Turning their passion into their profession is a privilege that all F&B business owners share. While being passionate about food can motivate you to keep going, it’s important to know that the F&B industry is a highly competitive market. This is precisely why all F&B brands should constantly find ways to stand out in the market.  Fortunately, studying the best practices and using the right strategies in product packaging will do just that! 

In the age of eCommerce, your customers will make first impressions based on your product’s packaging. From the materials used to its overall design, each factor plays an important role in attracting buyers.  As you begin your venture into the digital space, following the tips above and acquiring eCommerce services will significantly improve your chances of success.

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