Loyalty made easy.

Build & foster long-lasting customer relationships with a RUSH-powered loyalty program.

Create, design and manage your own customer loyalty program easily with RUSH. Conveniently develop and deploy a custom-branded mobile app in as short as 3 days.

Benefits of RUSH-powered loyalty program:

  • Quick and easy setup

    Start rewarding your customers with stamps or points in a jiff.
  • Multiple store integrations

    Seamlessly integrate your loyalty program to your POS system via a widget or through a full-API integration.
  • Highly-customizable reward system

    Create your reward mechanics depending on your business goals.
  • Real time dashboard with actionable insights

    Obtain real time customer data through transactions and get insights on how to improve your program and business.
  • Multi-channel broadcast tool

    Reach your customers via built-in marketing tools.

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