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Your Business Needs to Be Digital-Ready Now. Here’s Why:

Jun 11, 2018
The world has undergone a massive digital transformation and there’s no turning back. Digital is now the name of the game and businesses who refuse to keep up risk being irrelevant to their customers, thus, compromising their long-term goals.

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Still not convinced? Here are the reasons why your business needs to embrace digital as soon as possible:

Going digital means coping. Having a digital platform does not mean your business have to go fancy with the latest technology out there. Simply being visible on social media is a good start. Your customers are keeping up with the times, why aren't you?

Customers tend to patronize a business that speaks their language, knows where they are, and strive to address their ever-changing needs and motivations. Currently, 3.2 billion people are using the internet and 2.13 billion are active users on Facebook. This means roughly 40% of the world population is now glued to their smartphones.

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You can increase brand awareness and expand market reach. With 61 million unique mobile subscribers, the Philippines is a world leader in internet usage. This means the country is ripe for utilizing digital platforms to take businesses even to the far reaches of the archipelago.  

And this isn’t just limited to social media marketing. Businesses must extend their efforts by setting up a hardworking website, producing valuable blogs and SEO content, along with other initiatives like display advertising, email marketing, and mobile marketing (SMS, MMS, etc.)

One of the glaring examples of brands that are doing well on digital is Summit Media. In fact, the publishing giant recently announced that they have “completed full digital transformation” which meant migrating all their publishing efforts online and leaving their print roots to the past. They saw the massive opportunities in digital and they made a bold move to turn it into their own.

Auntie Anne’s digital efforts are also worth noting. Not only do they have a strong social media presence on Facebook and Instagram, they also made brand loyalty a commitment by launching their own digital loyalty program with RUSH.

With an effective digital marketing campaign, not only will you be able to deliver your services or products to your target audience, you will also get to  reach and, hopefully, convert an underserved market

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You can improve customer engagement. Another compelling reason for businesses to go digital is that it elevates the communication between the business and customer. With data and analytics, businesses can predict what customers will likely do. These are actionable insights that can help the business prepare or make adjustments accordingly.. The level of interactivity at play with this streamlined communication process humanizes the business in a way that makes the customer feel valued. When customers feel they are valued by the business, customer retention, revenue boost, and best of all, customer loyalty will follow.

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Customer loyalty is one of the rarest but most prized asset every business aims to achieve. And this is no easy feat at a time when customers are consuming content at an incredibly rapid pace—a lot of things can easily take their attention away from you.

Which is why digital-ready customer loyalty platform like RUSH is beneficial. Businesses, with their custom-branded app, get access to a real-time dashboard and their clients’ buying behavior, it can be a huge factor to increase business growth.

Additionally, to be able to increase customer retention and customer loyalty, RUSH enables personalized messages and in-app notifications to keep their customers updated on their latest news and updates.

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