Smartfuture Tech

When Tech Gadgets and Loyalty Meet: The Smartfuture Tech App

Mar 26, 2019
Smartfuture Tech is the first multi-brand marketplace that offers a variety of electronic devices and accessories in the Philippines. Taking advantage of the Filipino people’s inclinations towards tech adoption and digital transformation, Smartfuture sought to make the purchasing experience more valuable through a digital loyalty app powered by RUSH.

Getting Powered by RUSH

For the Modern Filipino

Smartfuture Tech officially launched in 2017. The young store offers a variety of electronic and tech products from some of the world’s most famous manufacturers.  They sell electronic products from various global brands including laptop accessories and smart home devices, which includes, but not limited to gadgets, home appliances, health and fitness devices, drones and even accessories. They have an online shop and four stores in the Metro located in Festival Mall, Ayala Malls Circuit Lane, Ayala Malls Feliz, and Ayala Malls Vertis North.

Smartfuture Tech app enables the retailer to connect with customers. Loyalty members receive personalized SMS and in-app notifications about new products, promos, and events. They can also redeem rewards such as store discounts by earning points. This is especially beneficial for tech addicts who make it a point to buy new merchandise and update their items to the latest models.


Taking Advantage of Technology to Increase Customer Retention

For a tech retailer carrying lots of merchandise, data is of paramount importance. After all, it is pivotal that they figure out what brand and what items cause the largest impact on their revenue stream. Luckily, Rush provides Smartfuture tech with analytics. Through the easy-to-use dashboard, the company is provided with the capability to measure, gauge behavior and see movement in their items, benefiting them with the insight they can use in future sales and marketing activations.

The Smartfuture Tech app is available on Google Play and App Store.

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Create your Smartfuture Tech profile after downloading the app.

Monitor and track your points and redemptions via the Catalogue tab.

View your history on the Transactions tab.

Download the app

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