Unli-Meat, Unli-Loyalty: The Samgyupsalamat Mobile App

Nov 07, 2018
Korean barbecue is the most popular food trend this year, making it the ideal year for Samgyupsalamat to take over the food scene with the delectable offering: meat-all-you-can. Taking advantage of their new found fame and the long lines outside their doors, they recently partnered with Rush to develop a loyalty mobile app.

Getting Powered by RUSH

Savor the Ultimate Korean Pork Barbecue Experience

Samgyupsalamat opened their doors to the public in 2012. Six years after, they’re the largest Korean barbecue franchise in the Philippines, with 30 branches all over the Philippines. In order to continue nurturing the fans obsessed with their offerings, Samgyupsalamat launched their app. Powered by Rush’s powerful loyalty platform, they are able to easily connect with their audience while having the capability to reward them for their frequent visits.

Building a Stronger Customer Relationship through Technology

Perhaps one of the best features of the app is its capability to track data and communicate with their customers. Through the analytics dashboard, Samgyupsalamat is able to get a full view of their customer’s transaction and redemption behavior. This information can then be used in order to optimize their efforts. At the same time, Samgyupsalamat is also benefited with a communication tool, which means they can readily update customers about new products or any important announcement via SMS or in-app notification. Through these two tools, they can understand their customers better and engage with them on a constant basis.

The Samgyupsalamat app is available on Google Play and App Store.

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Samgyupsalamat App App

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