Unilever Food Solutions

Unilever Food Solutions Chooses RUSH Loyalty Solutions

Jul 18, 2018

Creating sumptuous recipes do not only rely on the chefs, but the ingredients they choose to make them. As one of the industry leaders in providing high-quality food ingredients, Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) provides excellent client service through their custom-branded mobile app powered by RUSH.

Getting Powered by RUSH

Food from the Experts

UFS began their food journey in the 1880’s with their core brands such as Knorr, Lipton and Hellmann’s. From then on, they have been adding services created by 300 professional chefs- covering 50 cuisines, and 200 million dishes a day.

With their RUSH-powered app, UFS keeps their clients updated on the latest news about their brand such as newly-launched products or upcoming events that might interest them.  Also, their custom-branded app enables them to give exclusive promos like discounts on products. Their loyal clients are also rewarded through the app by redeeming points they earn for every purchase they make.

Better Client Relationship through Technology

More than providing benefits and perks to their business partners, RUSH also helps UFS understand their customers better. The UFS app enables access to real-time dashboard that helps them monitor analytics. With this information, UFS can observe their clients’ buying behavior and craft better and efficient marketing strategies to achieve business growth. They can now determine the needs and habits of their business partners, resulting to reduced food waste and increased food safety by preparing perishable goods based on the frequency and size of their clients’ usual order.

At the same time, their clients can easily monitor their transactions and points they’ve earned through the app itself. This results to business efficiency because it resolved issues related to lost transaction receipts.  

The UFS app is available in Google Play and App Store.

UFS Chef Rewards App

With RUSH, UFS can now treat their clients for their loyalty. UFS ups the service by giving their long time clients rewards and by incentivising their new clients to collect points and redeem rewards with the UFS Chef Rewards app!

Clients can monitor and track their points and redemptions via the My Account tab

They can check out the latest Unilever food events and discounts at the Events and Promos tab

They can view their rewards for repeat purchasing or ordering in bulk on the Catalogue tab

Download the UFS Chef Rewards app

Want to get powered by RUSH? Sign up and create your own app in as fast as 3 days. Request a demo today and our team will help you setup your mobile app. With RUSH, loyalty is made easy!