Unilever Food Solution

Unilever Food Solutions Chooses RUSH Loyalty Solutions

Feb 22, 2018

Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) leads the industry in providing innovative and high quality professional food ingredients and value adding services created by 300 professional chefs- covering 50 cuisines, in 200 million dishes a day.

UFS is an inspiring global company made up of talented, entrepreneurial professionals working closely with chefs and distribution partners on a daily basis.

Getting Powered by RUSH

Aiming to make distribution become more sustainable, UFS is focusing on increasing food safety, reducing food waste and sustainable sourcing. RUSH loyalty solutions helps make this possible. With RUSH analytics, UFS can now determine the needs and habits of their clients, causing them to prepare perishable goods based on the frequency and size of their customer’s usual order.

Getting powered by rush means more calculated predictions, better service which causes repeat purchasing, and even more- the information can help increase food safety and reduce food waste.

UFS Chef Rewards App

With RUSH, UFS can now treat their clients for their loyalty. UFS ups the service by giving their long time clients rewards and by incentivising their new clients to collect points and redeem rewards with the UFS Chef Rewards app!

Clients can monitor and track their points and redemptions via the My Account tab

They can check out the latest Unilever food events and discounts at the Events and Promos tab

They can view their rewards for repeat purchasing or ordering in bulk on the Catalogue tab

Download the UFS Chef Rewards app

Want to get powered by RUSH? Sign up and create your own app in as fast as 3 days. Request a demo today and our team will help you setup your mobile app. With RUSH, loyalty is made easy!