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This is how loyalty programs become effective

Jul 25, 2018
Loyalty program is an essential tool for businesses because it provides customers a sense of importance after their purchase. But how can businesses prove to clients that they are not just names on their database and that they, in fact, value their loyalty?

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It all comes down to trust.

Everything starts with how confident the customers are with the brand they patronize. Despite the proliferation of hackers and fraudsters that made many people tiptoe around the idea of giving their private information, customers are still willing to give their details. According to COLLOQUY Census, 51% of customers in the market still trusts loyalty programs with their personal information.

But even though the numbers show a promising opportunity, it’s still important for businesses to secure their credibility and do good by it. Once trust is earned, companies should live up to their promise that they will protect their customers’ personal information at all costs.

Make sure you know your customers.

Earning the customer’s trust does not end the process of having an effective loyalty program. Since you have the basic knowledge of who they are, try to expand the relationship. Create ways for them feel that they are special. Being recognized can go a long way.

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Turn your loyalty program into a customer experience platform.

In relation to getting to know your customers, delivering a memorable experience can help. Loyalty programs are great opportunities to interact with customers because they actively and willingly take part in these programs. The only challenge here is to strategize and experiment.

People change their behaviors based on experiences. Take Starbucks for example. Customers can buy coffee from any other coffee shops but they choose Starbucks because of the experience they will get. Just think about how the company is able to lure in both Starbucks regulars and casual customers to buy more than they usually do just so they could collect stamps in exchange for an exclusive planner. They become loyal avid customers. The experience becomes personal that customers want to keep coming back for more.