Chef Lee Cafe

The Chef’s Special: Loyalty and Rewards

May 08, 2018

Korean food is taking over the culinary scene. Everyone wants to have their fill of samgyupsal and bulgogi. This is precisely why restaurants serving these delicious meals have been popping up everywhere in the country. With more than a hundred different venues, it’s important to stand out. In order to achieve this, Chef Lee Cafe in Albay partnered with Rush to develop and launch their very own custom-branded loyalty app.

Getting Powered by RUSH

A Taste of Korea in Southern Luzon

Chef Lee Cafe is a Korean grill restaurant located in Legazpi, Albay. The quaint and highly-sought after dining venue offers authentic dishes such as daeji bulgogi, bibimbap, pajeon, and bingsu.

While it’s already receiving rave reviews online, they wanted to ensure that customers keep coming back to their space, hence the creation of the app. This new channel allows the company to grant rewards and discounts to their avid fans. At the same them, they also now have the capability to inform their customers about new menu items and even promos.

Going Beyond the Trends

We already know that korean food is all the rage right now, but Chef Lee Cafe wants to go the extra mile with the help of Rush. With their app, they have access to a real-time dashboard that allows them to understand customer behavior. This means that even if the fad is over, they can continue to grow through the years.

The Chef Lee Rewards app is available on Google Play and App Store.

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Monitor and track your stamps on the My Account tab

View and redeem your rewards in the Punchcard tab

View your history on the Transactions tab

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