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RUSH Brings Home Globe Excellence Award for Innovation

Jun 11, 2019
RUSH won Outstanding Achievement in Commercialized Innovation at the recently concluded Globe Excellence Awards.

Getting Powered by RUSH

RUSH received the Outstanding Achievement in Commercialized Innovation at the recently concluded Globe Excellence Awards held at the Grand Hyatt in Bonifacio Global City last June 3, 2019. The Globe Excellence Awards is an annual event that recognizes products, teams and employees for their important contributions to Globe Telecom and its customers.

In competition with a number of stellar solutions, RUSH ultimately bagged the coveted prize for its subversive efforts to change the loyalty landscape in the Philippines. This recognition was driven by the brand's client-first perspective and its agile processes that have led to sizeable growth.

Delivering what the Customer Needs

The unique value of RUSH has always come with its intention to address the big gap in the market when it comes to comprehensive loyalty solutions from flexible service providers. Existing local competitors offer rigid templates that are either cost-efficient yet fails to provide companies with the flexibility that fits their most pressing needs or  provide custom-build platforms that typically take six months to an entire year.

RUSH sought to change that by offering a white-label and customizable solution that addresses the various requirements of both micro-businesses and large conglomerates in the shortest turnaround time possible. For some companies, it can be an HR engagement program or a sales incentive activation for their business development team. For another, it can be a B2C rewards system or an instant gratification campaign generator for end consumers.

Additionally, RUSH offers what is perhaps one of the most important requirements in today’s economy: digitalization. And with this move, companies are able to experience its numerous advantages, from immediate engagement to real-time review & monitoring of performance and full control over optimizing the campaigns via the RUSH dashboard.

Adopting the Best Systems and Methodology

A good product doesn’t guarantee innovation. After all, delivery is also a key factor in rising above the ranks. RUSH understands this hence it’s creation of a cross functional team composed of experts well-versed in current technology to guide clients in maximizing the platform to make a positive impact to their end-customers. Through continuous R&D and an agile framework on best practices, RUSH stays nimble in adopting any new trend  that may improve its overall service delivery. The entire team is also guided and managed by Stephanie Kubota, RUSH’s general manager, who ensures that the team stays on course and ensures sustainability and constant growth.

Unparalleled Growth in the Last Few Years

RUSH’s growth and revenue has increased by more than twice in the last 12 months, largely because of its service and its ability to deploy a product in less than 10 days. Retention is also at an all-time high with clients expressing satisfaction at the solution.

More than that, what is perhaps more heartening is that RUSH is beginning to change the meaning of loyalty in the country. Gone are the days of stamp cards, disconnected operations, missed communication opportunities, or complicated mechanics. Gone are the days of blind activations. With RUSH’s many features and data dashboard, businesses are transforming from mere loyalty marketing practitioners to experts.

Taken all of these together, RUSH has proven itself as an innovator.

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