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Premium Loyalty: The Motori Moderni PH App

Nov 19, 2018
The Vespa is known for its timeless style and undying elegance. But the passing of time, the new brands, and the various new models that come out every year brings new challenges for this classic vehicle. This is precisely why Moterno Moderni PH, an official dealer of Vespa scooters in the Philippines, sought out the capabilities of the RUSH loyalty platform.

Getting Powered by RUSH

The Finest Ride You Can Own

Motori Moderni PH opened their lane in 2016. Led by owners Maridol and Raul Ylanan, the dealership catered to motor enthusiasts in Southern Luzon, by offering a line of premium Vespa scooters, spare parts, and cool accessories.

The RUSH platform and its subsequent customer-branded mobile app enable Motori Moderni to reward their customers when they purchase products and avail their services through a point-based loyalty program. This efficient rewards program and the tracking system involved strengthens customer relationship which, in turn, boosts customer loyalty and retention.

Using Analytics to Be On the Fast Lanes

It’s even more critical for businesses with high-ticket items to use analytics in order to inform business decisions. After all, some of these items amount to hundreds of thousands of Pesos, which can significantly affect one’s finances.

With the Rush platform, Motori Modern is equipped with the ability to track the buying behavior of their customers, allowing them to forecast on what’s moving and what they can invest in. At the same time, this gives them the opportunity to craft specific marketing and sales activation to increase brand awareness and push slow-moving items.

The Motori Moderni PH app is available on Google Play and App Store.

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