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Paradise Just Got Sweeter: The Pearl Farm Mobile App

Apr 26, 2018

Pearl Farm is considered one of the gold standards in beach resorts, which is practically why people mention it frequently whenever they talk about dream vacations. In order to provide value to their loyal visitors and even invite more people into their idyllic resort, Pearl Farm has launched an app packed with a ton of wonderful benefits.

Getting Powered by RUSH

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Pearl Farm Beach Resort made its gorgeous shores and crystal clear waters available to the public way back during the 1980’s. It was originally intended to be a private resthouse for the family of Don Antonio Floirendo, however he soon realized that it would be so much better if he shared the stunning landscape to the rest of the world.

After decades, Pearl Farm has finally decided to utilize the unlimited capabilities of  the digital age by partnering with Rush. Through their newly-developed app, they are able to connect with clients and potential customers in a more efficient manner. They can send news, updates, promos and even give people a glimpse of paradise through their in-app engagement features.

Pearl Farm Beach Resort was introduced to the public back in the 80s by Don Antonio Floirendo. It was first intended to be a private resthouse for his family but it turns out that it would be better if he shares its beauty to the world. The entire resort resembles what Mindanao has to offer, which makes it the perfect getaway from the suffocating city life.

Tying up with RUSH was huge factor for Pearl Farm because they were able to connect with their clients in a more efficient and effective way. Having a custom-branded app enables them to rewards their guests and keep their customers updated with their latest news, events and promos through in-app notifications and SMS messages.


Elevating Paradise Even More

The thought of spending some time at the beach is already enough for people to pack their bags and fly to Mindanao. However, through the app, Pearl Farm has made their accommodations much more enticing. Now, they can already offer a variety of awards that will definitely be irresistible to the hundreds of men and women who visit this one of a kind resort.

At the same time, these claimed rewards and transactions are then collated in the system, allowing Pearl Farm the capability to track customer behavior and have a deeper understanding of what’s happening. This then can be used to develop better and more effective sales and marketing tactics in the near future.

The Pearl Farm - Rewards app is available in Google Play and App Store.

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Pearl Farm - Rewards App

Conveniently earn points, redeem rewards, and track your transactions with the Pearl Farm - Rewards app!

Monitor and track your points and redemptions on the My Account tab

View and redeem your rewards in the Catalogue tab

View your history on the Transactions tab

Download the Pearl Farm - Rewards app

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