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More Reasons to Pursue Sports, Fitness and Wellness: The Go Sport Philippines App

Mar 12, 2019
Go Sport, one of the biggest sporting goods retailers in Europe, has finally arrived in the Philippines. In order to make a mark in the industry and offer something that other retailers have yet to do, the company has decided to embark on a loyalty initiative powered by the RUSH platform.

Getting Powered by RUSH

Get the Game Going!

Go Sport was founded in 1978, and developed by a former member of the French Alpine ski team, Daniel Cathiard. Since then it has become a forerunner in sportswear trade, providing customers with global access to over 500 international brands.They literally have everything an athlete, a sports nut, a gym addict and fitness enthusiasts could want.

In creating a loyalty program, Go Sport understands that they should not just reward their customers for repeated visits, but they also should stand out from the heavy competition that had already years in the market. This is why they partnered with Rush and utilized their platform. Customers can win exciting prizes through frequent purchases, making each store transaction a treat.  At the same time, Go Sport themselves can efficiently and conveniently engage with their customers whenever they want, through SMS messaging and in-app notifications. Lastly, the Rush platform provides direct integration with store systems, making it operationally easy to integrate.

Driving up Sales and Customer Loyalty using RUSH

With hundreds of brands and thousands of merchandise, there is one critical thing that Go Sport needs in order to increase engagement, purchases and reach the much-coveted customer loyalty they want from clients: Data Analytics. Fortunately, RUSH provides this much valuable feature in their platform.

With the analytics dashboard, the sports and athletics goods company can track transactions, redemptions, buying behavior, demographics, and geographic information. Through this, they can generate insights and carefully create new strategies that would push their brand towards success and prominence.

The Go Sport Philippines app is available on Google Play and App Store.

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Go Sport Philippines App

Create your Go Sport Philippines profile after downloading the app.

Monitor and track your points and redemptions via the Catalogue tab.

View your history on the Transactions tab.

Download the Go Sport Philippines app

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