Making Education A Priority: The MatheMagis Buddy App

Apr 30, 2018

Technology can also be used to enhance the educational experience and help parents monitor the progress of their children. That’s what MatheMagis had in mind when they partnered with Rush and released a one-of-a-kind app that certainly makes education that much more hardworking.

Getting Powered by RUSH

Not your Typical School in the Metro

MatheMagis started in Singapore as an after-school enrichment program that focuses on developing children’s analytical and problem solving strategies. Recently they have arrived in the Philippines with the intention of introducing their math curriculum to the community. Their mission is simple: they aim for Filipino children to see the wonders and capabilities of mathematics.

Letting Parents Track Progress

The Rush-powered app provides parents with something that most schools are unable to do: easy access to news and updates and the opportunity to track their kids’ attendance and progress. This value-added experience motivates parents and even their friends to come back to MatheMagis and send their kids back in order to hone their skills further.

MatheMagis Buddy app is available on Google Play and App Store.

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MatheMagis Buddy App App

Monitor your child’s attendance and progress and never missed out on the latest news and announcements MatheMagis Buddy app!

Monitor and track class schedules on the Account tab

View your child’s attendance in the My Effort-MA tab

Check the latest update from MathemMagis at the MM Wall tab

Download the MatheMagis Buddy App app

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