Increasing the Love: The Bistro Frequent Foodie App

Nov 26, 2018
The Bistro Group has garnered acclaim and brand love over the years due to their chain of local and international casual dining brands in the Philippines. Despite the popularity and their superiority in the market, they are committed in their ongoing efforts to strengthen relationships with their customers. For this reason, they partnered with Rush to build a new and improved Bistro Frequent Foodie (BFF) mobile app, a platform that would elevate their well-loved BFF loyalty card.

Getting Powered by RUSH

The Total Bistro Experience

Bistro Group began in 1994. After more than two decades, they currently manage 17 different restaurants, including Italiannis, TGIFridays, Fish & Co., Watami, Krazy Garlik, Bulgogi Brothers, Village Tavern, Modern Shanghai, Buffalo Wild Wings, Texas RoadHouse, Denny’s, Baker & Cook, and Plank Superdough Pizza.

To keep up with the times and to jumpstart the process of digital transformation, Bistro is now enabled by the Rush platform and the mobile app to provide their dear customers with the ability to make reservations, receive discounts and freebies, garner rewards, and keep a close track of their vouchers, effectively eliminating the need to always bring their cards when they dine in a Bistro restaurant.

Enhancing Customer Service through Technology

On top of the many opportunities that Rush provides to its customers, the platform also provides Bistro itself ton of new capabilities that’s pivotal in their customer retention efforts. For one, the app itself is a customer communication touchpoint, and the platform allows the company to send news, updates and other salient information through SMS and in-app notifications.

At the same time, the back-end itself doubles as a robust analytics tool. Through the data they acquire, they can capture demographics and track purchase and redemption behavior, allowing them to generate insights that they can use for their current processes and future activations.

The BFF app is available on Google Play and App Store.

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