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How to Gain the Loyalty of a New Influencer - The Filipino Prosumer

Mar 20, 2019
It’s natural to assume that businesses should target people with the highest disposable income. It has long been posited that millennials are the target audience to capture because they represent a big chunk of the workforce.

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According to Emerging Shifts in Filipino Consumption Mindsets (local highlights from The MEaningful Shift) there is a new kind of market drivers that transcends age, gender, and socioeconomic status. They're the first to try what’s new and relied upon by their social circles for recommendations, influencing what the mainstream will patronize within 18-24 months.

What is the Filipino Prosumer?

The Filipino prosumer is a mindset. It is a belief that one’s shopping behavior impacts society, economy and the environment.  As a result, this type of consumer doesn’t just simply buy products. They invest in a brand partner that reflects their values.

To capture this target market, you need to digitize your loyalty program:

Evolve with their Needs

Prosumers are utilitarian. Instead of “shop till you drop”, they question the intrinsic value of a product and assess if it will improve their lives and lessen current pain points.

A digital loyalty app enables customers to access everything they need to participate in your customer rewards program in one place. And since it’s already in their mobile phone – now a necessity not just an accessory – this allows more options that can enhance customer service and improve loyalty experience.

-Provide timely recommendations through SMS and push notifications.

-Add value-added features such as booking, appointments, and delivery services.  

-Transparency over their points and rewards

-Offer personalized rewards using real-time Analytics

Go Beyond your Products