How to Gain Customer Insight without Violating Consumer Privacy

Jan 21, 2019
How do you reap the benefits of data-driven marketing without violating consumer privacy? This is undoubtedly one of the biggest issues today between brands and customers. When you’re a tech company who has a repository of valuable data, it will inevitably get targeted and in the case of Facebook, exploited. Even when you have good intentions as in the case of Uber, you can’t always stop your own staff from taking advantage of it.

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In the Philippines digital adoption is still slow. Still, efforts like Digi Palengke prove that Filipino consumers are keen on making the shift. As m-commerce, digital loyalty apps and big data become the next big thing, it’s important for businesses to learn as early as now the responsibility of ensuring consumer privacy.  
Here are simple ways that local businesses can do to improve the customer experience without eroding their trust.
Face the music

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Instead of assembling a focus group from your pool of loyal customers, get feedback from dissatisfied or disappointed ones. You can also use negative reviews to look for problems. Filipino consumers shop by brand familiarity, so feedback from your regulars can easily skew the results.
For example, if you have a B2B company, you can share a new billing system that you intend to use as a replacement for an old one. If you’re a B2C company, you can share a new product that you’re going to roll out in the coming months. Get positive and negative feedback. You can provide loyalty rewards as an incentive for members.
Iron Mountain offers their customers valuable networking opportunities through a Customer Advisory Board. The CAB can work for any type of business.
This way, you can start an honest conversation with your customers.
Shatter silos

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As a business owner, managers tend to be the go-to employees for insights. However, different kinds of employees collect different kinds of data. You should consider all customer-facing staff, whether it’s the cashier in a pop up store in a mall, the delivery guy for a provincial branch, or the representative who reminds clients of pending requirements.  
You can create an advisory board or group. They will meet and share ways that can improve the customer experience. This will surely create or provide insights for your loyalty program. A great example of this is the Pixar Braintrust. A group of colleagues come together periodically to review the progress of a film in development. It’s an open candid discussion where people share direct and constructive feedback.
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