Thought Leadership

Bringing the human experience back into automation

Sep 11, 2018
For society to advance in the future, technology must answer to the needs and wants the people demand. Everywhere people go, virtually everything seems to have been touched by digitalization—making business processes, transactions, and living life at that, more convenient. But should digital transformation take over us? Or should it be the other way around?

Getting Powered by RUSH

With all its contributions, one downside of digitalization is that it loses the human element that take place in traditional business transactions. According to Accenture, 77% of surveyed individuals want human interaction when they need guidance and 83% of consumers want to speak to a knowledgeable human being when something goes wrong. Similarly, when machines fail, they are more frustrating for customers to deal with.

Spotify believes that “there’s a powerful emotional connection” between an artist and a fan. With this in mind, they use every technology and resources at their disposal to fuel their “Fans First” program. This is where Spotify give their members access exclusive merchandise and early access to tickets to concerts of their favorite artists. On the other hand, the program lets artists in on their listeners’ demographic information using a dashboard that can help them identify which cities are the best to tour on, as well as recognize their superfans.

Additionally, they offer a selection of music and playlists depending on your emotions, preferences, and even activities. This platform has elevated listeners’ experiences as they