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Brand loyalty is evolving. Here's how your business can keep up:

Jul 04, 2018
Brand loyalty used to be simply based on who had the best product. Customers were also loyal to jingles, slogans, celebrity endorsers or even mascots so brands poured much of their resources on advertising to outshine the competition. Those were simpler times.

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Who are today’s customers and what do they want?

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These days, customers will judge businesses based on good business practices, customer service, and innovation. They cannot be swayed by product placements on movie and television anymore. The dominating purchasing power of millennials contributed to this consumer evolution. With their active social lives and tech-savviness, millennials are a tricky bunch to please. They report that they will switch brands when:

  • They experienced a change in their financial situation (56%)
  • The brand raises prices (41%)
  • A friend or family member recommends something different (38%)
  • A better product comes along (37%)
  • A brand is involved in a scandal like faulty business practices (32%)

Another thing about millennials is that they will patronize products from companies that are socially responsive and selling at reasonable prices. They count on companies to uphold good quality and be cutting edge. And with their smartphones, they’ve grown accustomed to doing research before transacting to make sure the company meets their qualifications.

So how can your business rise to the challenge?

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The factors that influence brand loyalty today leveled the playing field for both old and new players in the market which encourages a healthy competition and a renewed commitment to listen to the customers.

Here are a couple more pointers to guide your 21st century brand loyalty journey:

View things through a positive lens. Organizations should put a premium on helping customers achieve emotional well-being. Once they’re happy and satisfied, brand loyalty shouldn’t be hard to come by.

See the bigger picture. Businesses should keep in mind that every buying decision a consumer makes is part of a long-term life agenda. Understand this and you can be a part of their journey.

Get to know the nuances. Personalize content so that you can connect with your customers on a individual level. This way, they will feel valued and not just lumped in a group.

Inspire the organization. Empower employees and they will be happy doing their work. When they are happy, they become brand advocates that influence how customers view your business.

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There’s no doubt that businesses will have to work double, if not triple, to vie for their customers’ loyalty. But at the core of everything, it should all come down to product quality, excellent business practices, and stellar customer service.

To further solidify that loyalty you’ve cultivated, you need a platform that can tie all your efforts together while providing additional value. RUSH, a customizable digital platform for businesses to easily build, track, and manage their own customer loyalty program.

The RUSH platform also comes with a dashboard to view the demographics and buying patterns of customers that helps businesses anticipate their next purchase. Moreover, the benefits of RUSH also includes customized messages and in-app notifications that will keep your clients updated and form an affinity to the business.

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