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Aussie Beauty Meets Customer Loyalty: The Grace Cosmetics App

Oct 08, 2018
Skincare is becoming a necessity, rather than just a fad. Women don’t just want to look younger. They crave for products that would allow them to have a healthy and fair skin. Grace Cosmetics has become a reputable brand for these conscious consumers. Driven by its mission to share unique products with discerning Filipinos, the Australian-owned cosmetics company has partnered with RUSH to build a loyalty app.

Getting Powered by RUSH

Bringing the best of Down Under

Grace Cosmetics made their mark during the 1980’s by providing organic skincare products.  They’re commitment in using only natural and botanical ingredients - such as certified Aloe Vera - made their products one of the most sought-after cosmetics in the market.  

With the recent launch of their RUSH-powered app, Grace Cosmetics elevated their customer service by providing timely updates of their latest news and promos. Grace Cosmetics also provide exclusive rewards including pressed powder compact, intense vita-firm, aloe gels, and more!


The Beauty and Grace of Customer Satisfaction

Skincare is a tough business, given consumers have a lot of needs and have their own preferences when it comes to products. Luckily, Rush provides real time customer data to Grace Cosmetics, empowering the business further. By understanding behavior, purchasing patterns, reward inclinations, and even just simple demographics, they can craft more hardworking sales, marketing and product strategies that bring more value to their current and future clientele. They can finally create activations that matter the most to their customers, making them significantly different from everyone else in the industry.

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Grace Cosmetics App App

Conveniently earn stamps, redeem rewards, and track your transactions with the Grace Cosmetics app!

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Monitor and track your points and redemptions via the Catalogue tab.

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