Case Study

Adding customer relationship into the food service excellence mix: Unilever Food Solutions x RUSH

Jun 14, 2018
Companies, especially large enterprises, are too often caught up in the details of their products and services they are selling that they often overlook the importance of relationship-building. But looking closely, all successful businesses, regardless of size and industry, have one thing in common: they know to create and maintain relationships with their customers.

Getting Powered by RUSH

Unilever Food Solutions is among the industry players who puts a premium on the their customer relationship management strategy as they believe this is equally vital to merely delivering outstanding product quality.

To expand and streamline their existing efforts, Unilever Food Solutions partnered with RUSH in creating a digital loyalty program towards a meaningful and trusting relationship with their clients.

Find out straight from Ms. Pat Mallari, Country Marketing Manager of Unilever Foods Solutions, how RUSH helped them achieved this goal.

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